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3 Pieces of Gear I Fell in Love with this Cycling Season

3 Pieces of Gear I Fell in Love with this Cycling Season

Fall is fast approaching and the changing weather has me reminiscing about summer cycling adventures. This year I found myself feeling safer and more confident because of three purchases: a helmet, a frame mirror, and inspired by some equipment we have on our bikes in Europe –  a taillight designed to be seen during the day.

POC Octal AVIP MIPS helmet

POC is based in Sweden and has developed a reputation for safety and innovation for their helmets. You’ve no doubt seen these helmets as their round shape and solid colors stand out.  My new helmet is ultra light and the large vents offer great air flow. I admit that I choked a bit at the price tag, however I was sold on MIPS technology by the following image:

If you are in the market for a new helmet, I suggest you conduct some research as new technology is constantly improving protection and safety. No matter what manufacturer you choose, be sure the helmet fits you well. If you don’t know how to properly adjust your straps, go to a bike shop and ask for help.

Bike-Eye Frame Mount Mirror

Mirrors! You’ll find them on helmets, bar ends, sunglasses and mounted to the bike frame. I’ve taken to riding with a frame mirror this year and can tell you that I’ve become a convert. After adding the new bike-eye frame mount mirror to every bike in my bike fleet with the exception of my mountain bike, each time I go mountain biking I now find myself looking down where the mirror should be and feeling both disappointed and exposed. The mirror helps me avoid startling surprises like a fast-moving car or even another bike coming up behind me.

There are hundreds of mirror options out there so it may take a little time to figure out which style works for you but it’s worth the effort. It’s also important to remember that just like the mirrors in your car bike mirrors will most certainly have a blind spot. So before you pull in to traffic you still need to check for oncoming vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles.

Nightrider Sentinel 150 Daytime specific taillight

We provide flashing taillights on our bikes for European tours and those of you who have traveled with us recently have no doubt appreciated the increased visibility it provides. I’m now a convert and have rechargeable daylight specific rear lights mounted on all my bikes. They are becoming very common here in Colorado and it’s easy to see why!