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Italy Three Ways

Experience this rich and diverse country your way

Most of our repeat travelers know that ExperiencePlus!’s first tour was born in Italy and we call this spectacular country our home-base in Europe. Italy is a diverse country with worlds of art, history, and of course cuisine to offer. Whether you’re looking for scenic views, great food, or rich history, we have just the route for you.

Bike Across Italy – From Venice to Pisa

Cycle into the heart and soul of Italian history, art, culture and cuisine

This is our oldest and one of our most traveled bike tours. When we first created Bike Across Italy in 1972, it was the first tour our family business ever ran, and it has remained a customer favorite. If you want to get a sample of “everything Italy”: Roman and Renaissance history, the scenic landscape, the stunning art, the architecture, the famed cities, and the wonderful culture, food and wine, then we suggest you Bike Across Italy from Venice to Pisa. Beginning in Venice, you’ll cycle through the heart and soul of Italy, following routes we’ve ridden for over 30 years. You’ll enjoy gourmet meals and wines from Italy’s most renowned culinary regions – Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, and you’ll have time to wander through the stunning art cities of Ferrara, Ravenna and Florence ending your journey by exploring Lucca and pedaling to Pisa.  Along the way, you’ll take in local markets and discover a side of Italy seldom seen by tourists.

2020 Departure dates

Bike Across Italy – From Venice to Florence (8-day)

 May 17-28 – 1 More to Guarantee the Departure
May 31- Jun 7 – Guaranteed to Go!
Jun 21 – Jul 28
Aug 16-23 – 4 More to Guarantee the Departure
Sept 6 – 13 – Sold out
Sep 20-Oct 1 – Guaranteed to Go!

Bike Across Italy – From Venice to Pisa (12-day)

May 17-28 – 4 More to Guarantee the Departure
May 31- Jun 11 – Guaranteed to Go!
Jun 21-Jul 2
Aug 16 – 27 – 3 More to Guarantee the Departure
Sep 6-17 – Sold out
Sep 20-Oct 1 – Guaranteed to Go!

Bicycling Sardinia – Alghero to Cagliari

Experience breathtaking coastal roads, ancient forests and miles of undisturbed beaches

The Italian island of Sardinia is renowned for its rich history, colorful handcrafts, and endless miles of undisturbed beaches. Our tour gives you a chance to discover this Mediterranean jewel that is often overlooked by American tourists. Spend 11 days exploring breathtaking coastal roads, pedaling ancient forests, and hiking to ruins that predate Roman civilization by more than 1,000 years – all while enjoying traditional Italian meals and wine. Other highlights are a visit to an excavated Roman town, a fabulous shepherds’ barbecue, and swimming in pristine waters.

2020 Departure dates

Bicycling Sardinia – Alghero to Cagliari (11-day)

May 24 – Jun 3, Guaranteed to Go
Sep 27 – Oct 7, 1 More to Guarantee the Departure

Cycling Italy’s Dolomites Plus the Sella Ronda

Italy’s most famous and dramatic mountains with world class cycling routes that make this a staff favorite.

If challenging rides set against the tremendous backdrop of Italy’s most famous mountain range make your legs tingle with excitement, this is the tour for you. The perfect blend of nature and culture, cycling the Dolomites gives you a blend of Italian, Austrian and German culture amidst the dramatic backdrop of the Dolomites. You’ll pedal through the heart of this region’s stunning valleys and over world-famous passes to discover why UNESCO honored the Dolomites with World Heritage status for their “exceptional natural beauty.”  Imagine cycling breathtaking mountain roads, winding through ancient forests and Alpine trails, and finishing the day with traditional Tyrolean meals and top-quality local wines, at other times feel as if you’ve been transported to Austria, where it’s time to relax, and enjoy a well-deserved beer, delicious dry-cured sausages, and of course, some Strudel!

2019 Departure dates

Cycling Italy’s Dolomites (8-day)

Jul 6-13, Guaranteed to Go

Cycling Italy’s Dolomites Plus! the Sella Ronda (11-day)

Jul 6-16, Guaranteed to Go