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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

There are countless fun, thoughtful, necessary, and plain old awesome gadgets, accessories, and other bicycle-related objects that you could gift your special someone, friend, family member, or fellow bike nerd for the holidays. Here are a few of the items we’re crushing on as the year comes to a close, even if most of them are a bit more practical than pretty.Wrist ID Sport Pin-Tuck by Road ID 

This simple and comfortable dog tag for cyclists is a great way to give you or your friends and family some peace of mind. Available in many colors. Several other band and closure options as well. Go nuts!

Bontrager Flare RT Rear Bike Light

According to Trek, research shows that riding with a flashing, daylight-visible rear light is the single most effective measure a cyclist can take to increase their likelihood of standing out to drivers. If you read our article on daytime running lights, chances are good you read a few reviews on the Bontrager Flare RT, which is designed with specific focus, flash, and range to be seen from a meaningful distance during the day.

Pearl Izumi AmFIB Gel Glove – Men’s and Women’s

The perfect cold weather cycling glove keeps your hands warm and dry, is not bulky, doesn’t cost a fortune, and will make you smile every time you put them on. We think the Pearl Izumi AmFIB gel glove does the trick, especially because their women’s gloves fit great. We use them for skiing, dog walking, hiking and any other outdoor adventure that calls for warm hands. They make us want winter to last just a little longer.

RideWithGPS Free, Basic, or Premium

In 2022 our tour support entered a new digital era when we switched from handing out printed day sheets to providing all route, itinerary, contact info, and many other critical tour communications through a downloadable  RideWithGPS Experience. For those of you who love to record your rides, create a route, and geek out over ride data, then a membership plan to RWGPS is the perfect gift that you don’t even have to wrap!

Swiftwick Pursuit Merino Wool Socks – 3 pack

Happy feet on long rides make for happy cyclists. Don’t settle for poorly constructed socks that wear thin quicker than you can climb Mont Ventoux with the wind at your back! We like these because they are great for nearly every outdoor endeavor that requires shoes – hiking, trail running, walking the dog, mowing the lawn or even a rowdy game of cornhole. Pick the cuff height that suits your style. Shown below is the two-cuff height.

Fizik Tempo Argo R3 Saddle

We have some customers who can’t understand that anyone would choose to go on tour without bringing their own saddle. Certainly, a happy bum makes for a happy cyclist, too. The next time we go on tour we’d like to take the Fizik Tempo Argo R3, described by the manufacturer as a versatile endurance road saddle with a short-nosed design and generous ischial support that encourages stability. Comes in two widths – 150 and 160 mm.

Ortlieb Saddle Bag Two

If you shred your fingers every time you try to dig something out of your saddle bag, maybe it’s time for just a little more room. Ortlieb’s design allows for expansion when you need it. You can easily swap it between bikes by purchasing a separate saddle mount. While we wish it came in a different color, we know and like Ortlieb very much.

Our last item is far more lavish, but since none of the gifts listed above is over-the-top, we couldn’t resist!

Explorer: White Roads of Tuscany

For those of you looking for a part-gravel adventure that will challenge your legs, delight your senses, and take you through the hidden parts of Tuscany, look no further than the latest addition to our Explorer tour line-up. You’ll ride the famed “White Roads” of Tuscany in search of unforgettable vistas, medieval villages, and culinary perfection. Our spring tour has already been confirmed to go! If this tour doesn’t make your heart go pitter patter, please browse our Tour Finder or call 800-685-4565 to talk about your ideal bicycle vacation. We’re happy to create a custom gift certificate for you or your recipient in any amount.