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2013’s Greatest Hits on the ExperiencePlus! Facebook Page

ExperiencePlus! on Facebook

With the beginning of the New Year we thought we’d highlight some of 2013’s most popular features on the joys of travel and bicycling from the ExperiencePlus! facebook page.

We featured real time updates from tours:
Blogger Brice Peressini reported in regularly from the October 2013 cycling tour in Andalucia, and posted some great photos on Instagram.

Tour leader Juan Pablo Mansilla and Director of Tours, John Giebler kept us entertained with daily post and photos from the December 2013 Patagonia Lakes District Plus! Chiloé Island tour on Instagram and Facebook.

There were stories about bicycle touring and understanding travel destinations in a more authentic way including this story we shared from Paths Less Pedaled.

Bicycle Safety videos like this one “Dial S for Sharrow” put together by the City of Edmonton, an amusing film noir about using sharrows.

A weekly feature highlighting photos from our cycling tours by travelers and tour leaders including:
Cycling the Lakes of Austria and Slovenia (Plus! Ljubljana)
Bicycling Venice and the Dolomites
Bicycling Bavaria’s Back Roads

Food enthusiasts loved our regular articles and recipes from around the world including this one  featuring a slice of cheese heaven in Tuscany from “the kitchn.”

And sometimes it’s necessary to just be silly. Take a ride with Kermit and Miss Piggy and sing along with “Couldn’t We Ride” and imagine that spring is on the way.