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Lesson 1: E-Bike Basics

Over the past few years the cycling industry has seen a spike in E-bike popularity. We have also experienced increasing use and curiosity in E-bikes among our travelers, but find there are still some questions lingering. We’d like to bust some E-bike myths and provide clarity with a series of articles. Let’s kick things off with E-bike basics: What’s the deal with these E-bikes?

Traveling together made better.

E-bikes are great for travel partners with different ability levels in riding. Missing out on a great experience together is no longer an issue with E-bikes allowing folks with different riding abilities to enjoy experiences together.

Pedaling Still Required.

Let’s start by dispelling the myth that E-bikes are scooters. You will still have to pedal. Our E-bikes are furnished with “pedelec” technology. This battery-powered technology assists your own pedal power and increases your boost the stronger your pedal stroke gets. Simply put, the more you’re pedaling the more assistance the bike is providing.

Yes, you get exercise when riding an E-bike.

While an E-bike makes it easier to climb mountains or cover longer distances, E-bike riding will still require – and improve – your cardiovascular fitness. A Colorado University study found that “using an electrically-powered bicycle on a regular basis can provide riders with an effective workout while improving some aspects of cardiovascular health.”

What’s the E-bike’s operating range?

Operating range depends on many factors such as the assistance level used, gear switching behavior, route profile, head wind, temperatures, etc. In general the average range of our battery pack is 110km (68 miles), so plenty for a day on our tours.

You’re in control.

The basic rule of thumb for managing your E-bike power level is: the lower the power setting you use, the longer the battery life. Contrary to common belief, higher power settings won’t give you a higher top speed, but instead will make it easier to get to the top speed. It is recommended to choose lower power for the flat sections and only select high power for hills and headwinds. Smart battery management will let you retain more than enough battery charge for the day’s ride.

Guaranteed fun for everyone!

E-bikes are the great equalizer allowing cyclists of differing levels to enjoy a bike tour they might not otherwise be able to do together. E-bikes will help you conquer longer distances or tackle challenging climbs so you and your travel companions can make memories together on a bicycle trip of a lifetime.

E-bikes are not the answer to everything. 

There are still some key points to be considered if you have not ridden an e-bike. Take a look at this article for a few more things we suggest you think about if you’re considering an E-bike for your next tour.

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