Cycling in Andalucía region of Spain

bicycle Andalucia with ExperiencePlus starting in seville

Spain’s southern, sun-soaked region of Andalucía stands as testament to the diverse civilizations that have shaped its history, communities and culture. The best way to experience this diversity and gain an appreciation for the many cultural legacies is on bicycle tour

Its strategic position at the crossroads of Europe and Africa made it a coveted land, conquered by Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, and most notably, the Moors. The eight-century-long Moorish reign, beginning in 711 AD, bequeathed Andalucía with architectural marvels like the Alhambra in Granada and the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, epitomizing Islamic art and culture. These influences melded with the existing Christian and Jewish traditions, fostering a unique cultural synthesis.

Flamenco, the soulful song and dance of Andalucía, embodies this synthesis, drawing its roots from Gypsy, Moorish, and Sephardic legacies. Culinary traditions in Andalucía are also a blending of Mediterranean and Moorish influences. You can enjoy drinks and tapas in a bustling bodega or savor a gazpacho and paella after a hard bike ride.

Andalucía played a pivotal role during the Age of Discovery, with Seville’s port launching countless expeditions to the New World, ushering in an era of unprecedented global exploration.

Today, Andalucía remains a beautiful place to visit – especially on a bicycle tour. From its white-washed villages and miles and miles of olive groves to its medieval and renaissance towns and cities, you will leave wanting to see and experience more.

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Cycling the olive groves on a guided bike tour of Andalucia, Spain

Grand Cycling Tour of Andalucia in 13 days

A new take on one of our favorite bicycle tours in Spain. Pedal from Seville, through the Sierra to Córdoba and then on to Granada!
13 days
From USD$6195
Classic Level 3.5
  • Oct 04, 2024 – Oct 16, 2024
    Departure confirmed to go!  

Andalucia Cycling Cordoba to Granada

Andalucia Cycling: Córdoba to Granada in 8 days

Bicycle from Córdoba to Granada in Andalucia, Spain and enjoy flamenco, olive groves and historic hotels on this beautiful bicycle tour.
8 days
From USD$4595
Classic Level 4.0
  • Oct 09, 2024 – Oct 16, 2024
    Departure confirmed to go!  

Andalucia Cycling Seville to Cordoba

Andalucia Cycling: Seville to Córdoba in 7 days

A shorter and easier version of our Andalucia tour, bicycle out of Seville and into the heart of Andalucia.
7 days
From USD$4150
Classic Level 3.0
  • Oct 04, 2024 – Oct 10, 2024
    Departure confirmed to go!