Cycling the Portuguese Camino

Cycling the Portuguese Camino includes coastal views

From Coimbra, Portugal, north to the border with Spain, the geographic and historical region that encompasses the Portuguese Camino features diverse landscapes and offers a glimpse into centuries of history. Cobblestone streets, medieval bridges, and Romanesque churches dot the ancient pilgrimage route.

Any part of Europe that became a route to Santiago de Compostela, is transformed by the pilgrims that go through it. On a bike tour in this region, you’ll pedal through villages where traditions and customs have been preserved for generations. The influence of Roman, Moorish, and Christian civilizations is palpable in the art, cuisine, and folklore of the area.

Rocky coastlines, small fishing villages and rolling hills provide a scenic backdrop to this spiritual and historical adventure. The Camino’s unique blend of heritage and natural beauty makes it a transformative experience, allowing you to connect with the past while forging your own personal journey of discovery.

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Pedal along Portugal's northern coast on this guided bike tour.

Cycling the Portuguese Camino: Coimbra to Santiago de Compostela

Bike Portugal’s Northern Coast Plus! the Camino from Coimbra, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia Spain.
12 days
From USD$5895
Classic Level 2.5
  • Jul 16, 2024 – Jul 27, 2024

  • Aug 20, 2024 – Aug 31, 2024
    Departure confirmed to go!

Bicycling to Santiago de Compostela on the Portuguese Camino

Cycling the Portuguese Camino: Porto to Santiago de Compostela

Medieval towns, river riding and fishing villages make this trip full of sites and flavors unique to this part of Europe.
8 days
From USD$4695
Classic Level 3.0
  • Jul 20, 2024 – Jul 27, 2024

  • Aug 24, 2024 – Aug 31, 2024
    Departure confirmed to go!