Cycling in Veneto region of Italy

Veneto's architecture is a feast for the senses

A bike tour that pedals through Veneto will include some of the most interesting historical cities and sites in Italy, from its northern borders in the beautiful Dolomite mountains to its southern border along the rich Po River Delta.

As a bridge between Western and Eastern influences, the Veneto region is marked by a history of trade, art, and innovation. With its capital in Venice – the “Floating City” renowned for its grandeur and unique architecture – the Veneto region’s heritage spans centuries of civilizations and cultures.

Beyond Venice, Verona shines with its legendary tale of Romeo and Juliet and its ancient Roman ruins and well-preserved amphitheater. Padua, on the edge of the Po Delta, bears the legacy of Galileo Galilei and St. Anthony’s Basilica, a pilgrimage site since the Middle Ages.

The Palladian architecture of Vicenza, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases the classical influence of renowned architect Andrea Palladio whose Villa’s now dot the region and you can visit on some of our bicycle tours.

The Veneto region has also nurtured culinary innovations like the Venetian “cicchetti”, the Aperol spritz and iconic dishes like “risotto.” Undeniably, Veneto’s cultural significance extends beyond Italy’s borders, leaving an indelible mark on the world’s artistic and architectural heritage throughout the Adriatic.

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Cycling from Venice to Florence in Italy

Bicycling Venice to Florence

Our most popular bicycle tour in Italy for beginning cyclists offers a taste of three of Italy’s most spectacular cities.
8 days
From USD$4395
Classic Level 2.5
  • Sep 15, 2024 – Sep 22, 2024
    Only one Recycle-Credit spot available.

  • Sep 29, 2024 – Oct 06, 2024

Bike Across Italy - Guided Bike Tours in Tuscany

Bike Across Italy – Venice to Pisa

If you love Italy, then you’ll love our bicycle tour from Venice to Pisa. Our “original” bicycle trip across Italy, includes a stop at our European headquarters.
12 days
From USD$5795
Classic Level 2.0
  • Sep 15, 2024 – Sep 26, 2024
    Only one Recycle-Credit spot available.

  • Sep 29, 2024 – Oct 10, 2024

Cycling Italy's Dolomites!

Cycling Italy’s Dolomites

An outdoor playground featuring spectacular limestone mountain scenery.
8 days
From USD$4795
Classic Level 4.0
  • Jul 01, 2024 – Jul 08, 2024

Cycling Italy's Dolomites Plus! the Sella Ronda

Cycling Italy’s Dolomites Plus! the Sella Ronda

Jaw dropping landscapes and the chance to ride the famous 4 passes of the Sella Massif!
11 days
From USD$6295
Classic Level 4.5
  • Jul 01, 2024 – Jul 11, 2024

Cycling Italy in Alpine Valleys

Cycling Italy’s Alpine Valleys

Pedal along bike paths in two of Italy’s finest bike-friendly regions! Begin your ride cycling through the lush meadows of the Venosta Valley with views of Alpine peaks and glaciers in the distance.
8 days
From USD$4650
Classic Level 1.0
  • Jul 06, 2024 – Jul 13, 2024

Cycling Italy in Alpine Valleys

Cycling Italy’s Alpine Valleys Plus! Venice

Pedal along bike paths and down pristine valleys along two of Italy’s finest bike-friendly regions. Then explore Vicenza, home of Palladio, one of Italy’s most famous architects en route to ending your ride in Venice.
12 days
From USD$6250
Classic Level 1.0
  • Jul 06, 2024 – Jul 17, 2024