Cycling in Champagne and Burgundy region of France

Cycling through Champagne and Burgundy is unforgettable

If you’ve cycled in France but have yet to pedal Champagne and Burgundy, you’ll be charmed by exceptional cuisine, medieval towns and villages, fascinating history and the regions’ abiding love for making some of the finest wines on earth.

You don’t have to be a lover of wine to appreciate the abundant, rolling vineyards that make for enjoyable cycling. Architectural treasures await at every turn, from the grandeur of the Reims Cathedral and the historic cellars in Épernay, where champagne-making traditions have thrived for centuries, to the colorful half-timbered houses of Chalons-en-Champagne.

France’s Champagne and Burgundy regions are exquisite terroirs that have shaped the nation’s history, culture, and identity through the centuries. These two distinct areas are renowned not only for their exceptional wines but also for their profound historical and cultural contributions.

In Burgundy, medieval castles like Châteauneuf and hospices like Hôtel-Dieu offer insights into a bygone era while the exquisite Abbey of Fontenay, a UNESCO gem, while picture-perfect villages like Semur-en-Auxois and Beaune elicit medieval nostalgia.

The vineyard’s of Champagne have produced the world’s most iconic sparkling wine since the 17th century. Beyond its viticultural excellence, Champagne bears witness to pivotal historical moments. The city of Reims, with its stunning Gothic cathedral, has been the site of coronations for French monarchs, including Clovis and Charles VII. The intricate cellars and tunnels beneath the region’s historic champagne houses tell tales of ingenuity and resilience during times of conflict.

From the shimmering vineyards to the architectural treasures, every facet of Champagne and Burgundy contributes to a rich and diverse legacy that invites exploration on and off the bike.

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Cycling Champagne and Burgundy!

Cycling Champagne and Burgundy

Experience France’s legendary landscapes as you cycle a route steeped in history, and wine!
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  • Sep 16, 2024 – Sep 23, 2024
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