Bikes that make riding easier.

We take great pride in our bike fleet. For our bicycle tours in Europe, our bikes are based at our operations headquarters in Italy – on our family farm, where we house hundreds of bicycles and our staff of mechanics. Your bike will be equipped with a men's saddle or women's saddle (we have a variety of styles to choose from), rear rack and pack (approx.11” X 6” X 7” and expandable), pump, patch kit, spare tube, cable lock, toe cages (optional), cyclometer, rear lights (only available on European tours), a water bottle cage (almost all of our bikes come with two water bottle cages) and a water bottle (two if you prefer) that is yours to keep.

What bike should you choose?

Pick a bike that is similar to the bike you are used to riding at home.  Some people prefer the drop handlebars that a road bike offers; while others prefer the upright style of a hybrid bike.  The bike you select for your trip with us should be the one you are most comfortable with!

Pedal Options

If you ride clipless and are used to cycling with clips, we recommend you bring your own pedals and shoes.  If you don't bring your own pedals, we provide flat pedals, pedals with cages and pedals with cages and straps.  You'll have the chance to tell us what you prefer when you register for your trip! If you don't know, feel free to call us. 

Bike Types Available in Continental Europe*

Road Bike

Road Bike:

With “drop” handle bars, 2 x 11 compacts, or 30-speed triples and 700 X 25 tires.  The large majority of our fleet in Europe consists of lightweight (56cm comes in at just over 18 pounds), responsive and comfortable Nevi or Van Nicholas Titanium frames. Our fleet includes both triple and compact double gearing systems. The triples feature Shimano Ultegra and 105 components with a 11-28 cassette and a 30-39-50 crankset. The compact double (2 X 11) Shimano 105 gearing system has an 11-32 cassette and a 34-50 crankset. Read more about our Titanium bicycle fleet.

Hybrid Bike:

Hybrid Mixte BikeVan Nicholas Amazon Titanium custom hybrid bikes available in both a standard and mixte (step-through) frame. Each component has been carefully selected to create a bike perfect for conquering Mont Ventoux, the hills of Tuscany, or meandering through the Loire Valley. Your hybrid bike will be lightweight and features carbon forks, rapid-fire shifters, and a 30 speed Shimano SLX drivetrain with a low gear ratio (42-32-24 chainrings and 11-34 cassette that make for a 18,9 low gear ratio expressed in gear inches) for the steeper climbs. In other words they have a low gear for climbing and a higher range for flats and downhills.

Hybrid Mixte Bike:

Sometimes called “women’s bikes” these titanium hybrids offer all the features of our typical hybrid and a step-through frame for shorter people or for people who don't want to swing their leg over a standard frame's top tube. We've mounted another water bottle cage on the handlebar headset so that you can easily access your bottle while riding.


Tandem Bike

We have a few Cannondale road-style tandems with aluminum-frames, powerful disk brakes and 27-30 speeds available for tandem enthusiasts who travel with us in Europe.  Be sure to book early and reserve a bicycle built for two if that sounds like great fun.

ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours offers ebikes


We are pleased to introduce our new hybrid style pedelecs (pedals assisted bikes). These bikes feature state of the art technology and are a fantastic option for bicycle travelers who need a little push. Although you still have to pedal the E-bike drive provides a nice boost for your efforts. For example when your pedal stroke increases to get up a hill so does the amount of power the electric motor outputs. Less effort on your part translates to less power assist.
These bikes come with rapid-fire shifters that operate in the same way as a regular hybrid bike. They feature an 11-speed drive train with gear ratios that are very similar to what you’d find on a mountain bike which means you have a great range for climbing.

A few things to consider about the e-bikes:

  • E-bike rentals are not included in the tour price. For 7 to 8 day tours there is $250 fee, and for tours that are 9 days, or longer the fee is $300.
  • We limit the number of e-bikes to two per departure.
  • These bikes are much heavier (53 pounds) than a regular bike.
  • Bikes come with 700x40 Schwalbe Energizer Pro tires that are made specifically for e-bikes. The tires feature an anti-puncture layer, good grip, and minimal rolling resistance.
  • The e-bike drive automatically switches off if speeds exceed 25km/h (15 mph).
  • Though the bikes are very quiet the electric engine does produce a light but constant noise.
  • The bikes can be ridden without assist though as mentioned above they are much heavier than a regular bike.
  • Operating range depends on many factors such as the assistance level, gear switching behavior, route profile, head wind, temperatures but in general the average range of our battery packs is 110km (68 miles).

Riding an e-bike is easy and we will offer you instructions at the bike fitting. You should know that because of its weight the e-bike handles a bit differently than a regular bike. It also might take you a day, or so, to reach maximum efficiency using the pedal assist.


Bike Trailers for Kids:

Bike Trailers Available on ExperiencePlus! tours in EuropeWe have a limited number of bike trailers available for our tours in Europe and all of our bikes, including our E-bikes are compatible. Trailers are not included in the tour price. For a 7 to 8 day tour there is a $150 fee and for tours 9 days, or longer the rental fee is $200.




Bike Types Available in Chile and Argentina

Our trips in Chile and Argentina are designed entirely on paved roads. ExpeditionPlus! trips may have sections on dirt.

Road Bikes: Merida Road Lite Race 901 and 903 models that come with an aluminum-frame and carbon forks, Shimano Tiagra brakes. Most bikes offer an 18-speed compact gearing system with 50-34 chainrings and a rear cassette 12-28 or 12-27. The bikes come with 700 x 23 tires. A large bike weighs approximately 20 lbs. We have a few bikes with 27-speed triples (53-39-30 chainrings, 11-32 Cassette) most are sized for either very tall or short riders.

Hybrid Bikes: Our hybrid fleet is a combination of Schwinn and GT bikes that feature aluminum-frames. These bikes are outfitted with 700x35 tires. They have 24 speeds, Shimano components and 44-32-22 chainrings and a 12-36T cassette. The hybrids come with mechanical disk brakes. A small bike weighs approximately 30 lbs.
Hybrid Schwinn bikes in South America





Bikes on TourzPlus Tours

Our TourzPlus partners provide a quality bicycle fleet. If you have questions about the bikes available on any TourzPlus tour we’ll be happy to send you the specifics.




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