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Food in Slovakia

The traditional basic components of the Slovak diet have always been and still are milk, potatoes and cabbage. ‘Bryndzové halušky’ is the Slovak national meal made with potato dumplings and a special kind of non- pasteurized fermented sheep cheese called ‘bryndza’. They may serve pieces of fried meaty bacon on top of Bryndzové halušky. Apart from being very tasty and delicious, the bryndza is also extremely healthy. Some scientists suppose it can even prevent cancer and treat allergies.

Smoked or fresh sheep cheese products are sold in different forms and shapes and Slovaks love them. They are sold at all food shops all over Slovakia. Soups are also very popular – kapustnica (made of cabbage), garlic soup (served in a bread bowl), a bean soup with a frankfurter, or beef or chicken consommé.

Traditional desserts are pastries of risen dough filled with marmalade, curd, nuts or poppy seeds.

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