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Getting around in Poland

As you are planning your bicycle trip and beyond, you will certainly wonder how to best get around. We’re here to help and have put together some general information and tips for you. You will find tour-specific travel information in the online itinerary specific to your tour. Note that any fares and timing mentioned are estimates.

We also recommend Rome2Rio, which is an excellent route and travel planning resource.


Krakow-Balice (John Paul II) International Airport (KRK)

The airport is approximately 10 miles away from the city center of Krakow.

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To and From the Airport

  • By Train: Find detailed information on the train connection into Krakow here.
  • By Bus: Bus 300 has connections into the city. A schedule can be found here, and current departures are displayed on a board inside the airport.
  • By Taxi: A taxi from the airport into the city takes around 20 min. Here is detailed information on official taxis and rates.

Poland Train Information

Traveling by train is the most common form of travel in Poland and allows you to connect to many cities within the country. There are train stations in all major and many other cities around Poland.

The main rail station in Krakow is the Dworec Glowny (pronounced dvo-zsets gwoov-nih), yet often referred to as Krakow Glowny.

You can check schedules and tickets at Polrail.

Other Types of Transportation for Poland

  • Buses: There may be some areas in Poland where you will be unable to take a train and you will need to take a bus. The most common bus line used is the Polski Express. Though somewhat slow, they are sometimes the only option and intercity traveling is best done in this manner. Buses usually run from 5:30am to 11:00pm. Purchase tickets at kiosks or ticket machines–you will punch these tickets yourself each time you board a different bus. Krakow offers a network of trams and buses. Buy your tickets from any of the little kiosks that are dotted around the town. All journeys cost the same, irrespective of distance. Jump aboard the bus or tram and punch your ticket in one of the little orange boxes. Keep the stamped stub for the not infrequent checks by plain-clothes inspectors.
  • Taxis: The big trick of taking taxis in Krakow is to avoid hailing one from the street. You will pay 30 percent less if you order one by phone. We recommend the Taxi company: RADIO TAXI 919, telephone number is +48 12 19191 when using a mobile phone and +48 800 19 19 19 when using a public phone. Be sure to call the taxi from the station in the airport instead of hailing one from outside. We recommend not trying any other taxi company, even if you are approached by a driver.
  • Rental Car: If you decide to rent a car, we suggest arranging this from the U.S. – it’s cheaper. Be sure to find out the exact address of the location to pick up your rental car, (preferably at your arrival airport). It’s best to make these arrangements in advance and many of the rental car companies are the same ones found in the US (i.e. Avis, Hertz, and National) among others that are specifically European (Europcar, Joka, and Sixt).

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