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Language in Greece

In stores and museums, you will find that most people understand English. Many students learn English in elementary and secondary school, while other people have learned English through visiting with tourists. While most Greeks don’t expect foreigners to speak the language, knowing just a few words will be very much appreciated – especially in the countryside.

Here are some helpful words and phrases:

Good Morning – Kalimera

Good Evening – Kalispera

Do you speak English – Milate Agglika

Hello/Goodbye – Yasas

How are you? – Ti Kanete?

I’m fine. – Kala imeh

Cheers! – Yamas!

How much does this cost? – Poso kani?

Yes – Nai

No –  Ochi

Thank You – Efharisto

Please – Parakalo

Excuse Me – Signomi

Could you help me? – Borite na me voithisete?

I’m lost – Ehasa to dhromo

What? – Ti?

When? – Pote?

Where? – Pu?

Post Office – Taxidromio

Bank – Trapeza

Telephone – Tilefono

Phone-card – Tilekarta

Restaurant – Estiatorio or taverna

Can we see the menu? – Borume na dhume ton katalogho?

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