Travel planning

Congratulations, you’ve decided to book a cycling adventure with ExperiencePlus! You’ve made an excellent decision! We are here to help as you begin your travel planning.

Arriving and departing your tour: Find step-by-step arrival and departure instructions on each online itinerary in the “Travel Information” tab. If you’re booked on a trip already, simply refer to the Travel Packet link we emailed you.

For more inspiration, hotel recommendations, details on food, and much more, take a look at our Travel Planning pages with tips and details based on more than 50 years of experience.

ExperiencePlus! Traveler Services

ExperiencePlus! Traveler Services are available to help you coordinate your transportation to and from your booked cycling tour. This includes submitting flight quote requests with Exito Travel and also booking extra nights at the tour starting and or ending hotels! Read on to learn more.

Travelers booked on Classic, Bike & Boat and Expedition tours are welcome to use Traveler Services. Explorer tour pricing does not include Traveler Services.

If you’re left scratching your head about train schedules or which bus to take to arrive to your tour, we’re happy to help.  If you are researching on your own, remember that schedules for most European trains aren’t released until 3, or sometimes 2  months prior to the departure date. More questions on trains?

We will be delighted to book extra nights for you at your tour starting and ending hotels, and selected meeting hotels as listed on your tour itinerary. Extra nights will be booked in your name, and you can make payment directly at the hotel when you are present. We will ask hotels to keep you in the same room as you have with the group so you won’t have to move during your stay. No credit card is needed to make these arrangements. Read more on extra hotel nights, and email or call us to get your extra night request started.

ExperiencePlus! partners with Exito Travel, an air travel concierge service who offers professional help with complex and simple flight itineraries alike, have access to great business class fares, and can offer expert advice. ExperiencePlus! will be happy to submit your flight quote request tailored to your cycling tour. If you prefer, you are free to contact Exito Travel directly. Read more about Exito Travel.

While we won’t be able to offer Traveler Services to those booked on Explorer tours, there is still a wealth of information available to help you plan your trip. Refer to the Travel Planning section on our website. Explorer tour travelers are also welcome to utilize Exito Travel’s air concierge services. Read more about Exito Travel and how to contact them.

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