Travel planning

Getting around in Chile

As you are planning your bicycle trip and beyond, you will certainly wonder how to best get around. We’re here to help and have put together some general information and tips for you. You will find tour-specific travel information in the online itinerary specific to your tour. Note that any fares and timing mentioned are estimates.

We also recommend Rome2Rio, which is an excellent route and travel planning resource.


Aeropuerto de Santiago (SCL)

The airport in Santiago is located about 26 kilometers (16 miles) from the city center. For those flying to Argentina note that the only airline that flies directly from Santiago to Bariloche is LATAM . There are many indirect flights through Buenos Aires.

Other Types of Transportation

  • Bus: The bus system in Chile is very well-organized and designed as an alternative to airplane travel. Many long bus trips are scheduled as over-night rides and buses are divided into categories depending on seat type, ranging from classic to semi-cama (half-bed) and premium (full-bed). Tickets can be purchased online or at the bus stations, which are typically conveniently located in the town centers. We recommend Pullman or TurBus at for bus travel in Chile. If you are looking for a way to go to Chiloé, we recommend Cruz del Sur or Queilen Bus.
  • Rental Car: You can arrange to rent a car in Chile before you leave the US if you wish. Find out the exact address of the location to pick up your rental car; there is more than one rental office in some cities. If you want to rent your car through a Chilean company, we suggest you contact: Rosselot Rent a Car.
  • Taxis: In Chile, collectivos are a style of taxi that run a certain route and can drop you off at any street corner within the route. Unless your group fills the car, they may stop for more people on the way, but they are quite a bit cheaper than a true taxi. Regardless of which style taxi you choose, we recommend agreeing on a price before getting in.
    At airports, there are generally official taxi stands/counters—we recommend using these to call a taxi. Fares are generally agreed upon at these stands, unless meters are used.