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Spanish in Argentina and Chile


Spanish is a fun language to speak. It’s amazing how much you can communicate even with just a few simple phrases or words. People will take incredible interest and express great joy in your making an effort to immerse yourself in the language. Give it a try!

Pronunciation: Vowel sounds are straightforward

  • A – “ah” as in pasta E – “ay” as in tray
  • I – “ee” as in feet O – “oh” as in crow
  • U – “oo” as in moon

Polite Phrases:

  • Gracias! – Thank you
  • Muchas gracias! – Thank you very much
  • De nada – You’re welcome Mucho gusto – Nice to meet you
  • Hola! – Hello
  • Adiós – Goodbye
  • When you need to pass by someone on the street, or squeeze through a crowd, use: “Con permiso.” In reply, you’ll hear: “Pase, adelante” which means, “go ahead.”
  • Disculpe (“dis-COOL-pay”) – Excuse me. It’s good to say this to someone before you ask a question. For example, Disculpe Señora. Dónde está el baño? (“Excuse me, ma’am, where is the bathroom?”) Disculpe is also handy to use when you do something like step on someone’s toe or sneeze.
  • Salud – To your health, more or less. Say this when someone sneezes.
  • Que le vaya bien! – Take care! Say this upon leaving stores, restaurants, etc., as a kind, parting phrase. In response you’ll hear and will want to say, Gracias!
  • Igualmente” which means “Thanks! Same to you.”
  • Usted – The formal “you.” In Spanish, “you” comes in three forms. If you have to remember one, remember Usted. For example, Usted vive aquí? (Do you live here?).
  • Se vende – For Sale

Bicycle Vocabulary & Directions:

  • la llanta (“yanta”) – tire
  • la llanta se pinchó – the tire is punctured/flat
  • los frenos – brakes
  • el inflador – bike pump
  • a la derecha – to the right
  • a la izquierda (“eez-key-ER- da”) – to the left
  • derecho – straight ahead
  • recto – forward

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