Explorer: Croatia Blue & Green

Explorer: Croatia Blue & Green

Cycle on a mixture of paved and gravel surfaces to cross three borders as you travel through Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. Begin in Trieste Italy, once the most important port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until it became a part of Italy after WWI. Then cycle along Slovenia's stunning Adriatic coastline and explore well-preserved medieval cities along the way. Get a surprising taste of a verdant landscape reminiscent of Tuscany as you cycle the rolling hills of Istria's interior. Return to the coast and the crystal blue water of the Adriatic Sea but instead of Slovenia you are now in Croatia! Your cycling journey ends with a transfer to Pula, the largest city in Istria and a former Roman outpost featuring cobblestone streets and an incredible Roman Amphitheater.

Learn more about what is included and what to expect on your Explorer tour at the Explorer Tour Style page.

Tour Dates & Prices

Private Room Fee
May 20-27, 2023
 Departure confirmed! Re-Cycle spots full.
Jul 2-9, 2023
Private departure.
Sep 2-9, 2023

* We are happy to match solo travelers who would like to share a room with someone of the same gender. If no match exists, due to hotel pricing, we will charge 50% of the private room charge. This charge will be collected at the time of the final payment. If a roommate assignment is available it will be refunded at the conclusion of the tour.

** For information about what your tour status means please see our FAQ page.

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Trip At-A-Glance

Trip At-A-Glance

  • Length / 8 Days
  • Total Distance / 312 km (194 miles)
  • Avg. Distance / 52 km (32 miles) per riding day
  • Tour Level & Tour Style / 2.5 Explorer
  • Countries / Croatia
  • Begin/End / Trieste, Italy / Group transfer to Pula, Croatia
  • Price / From USD$3095
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Tour Summary

Tour Summary

  • Highlights
    Bike through three countries, Mediterranean cuisine, Coastal riding, Porec, Parenzana Trail (Rail to Trail network), Motovun, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Pore?, medieval hilltop towns

    Keep in Mind: We work hard to maintain consistency across all of our tours, but some trips have unique differences. Here are some things to keep in mind about this tour.

    Learn more about what is included and what to expect on your Explorer tour at the Explorer Tour Style page.
  • Includes
    8 days, 7 night's accommodation; meals as noted in itinerary; GPS with pre-loaded tracks; support vehicle; 2 bilingual tour leaders.

    Learn more about what is included and what to expect on your Explorer tour at the Explorer Tour Style page.
  • Arrive / Depart
  • Overall Tour Level
    2.5 difficulty level 2.5

    Consider that around 50% of the ride will be on dirt paths and roads sometimes with rocky or rough terrain. Your pace will be slower and the perceived effort will be greater than when you are on pavement.

  • Daily Ride Summary




    Day Level


    Test ride
    61km / 794m
    difficulty level 3.5
    54km / 539m
    difficulty level 3.0
    46km / 759m
    difficulty level 3.0
    53km / 419m
    Rolling hills
    difficulty level 1.5
    45km / 488m
    difficulty level 2.0
    60km / 484m
    Rolling hills
    difficulty level 2.0
    Last day

Terrain Legend

Gentle Gentle

Rolling hills Rolling hills

Hilly Hilly

Very hilly Very hilly

Mountainous Mountainous

Daily Itinerary
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DAY 1:  Buon Giorno Italia – Trieste

Highlights:  Test ride and welcome dinner

Welcome to Trieste! The capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region has rich Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influences, and was an important location in the struggle between the Eastern and Western blocs after WWII. This port-town, sits on the coast of the enchanting Adriatic Sea and is a tiny slice of Italy almost entirely surrounded by Slovenia. We will meet in the afternoon for a bike fitting and test ride before enjoying dinner together in this beautiful and multi-cultural city.

DAY 2: Trieste to Buje

Highlights: Cycle through three countries! Coastal bike path

Begin the morning warming up your legs in Italy and soon you'll make your first border crossing of the day into Slovenia. We'll follow a cycling path along a stunning section of the coast as we make our way through the charming seaside towns of Koper, Izola, Piran and Se?ovlje Saltpans Natural Park, the largest wetland on the coast and famous for its salt production. We'll then cross into our third country of the day, Croatia. Tonight we sleep in a small agriturismo (farm stay) located near the Slovenian- Croatian border.

Road Surface: Mostly paved.

  • Distance: 61km (38mi)
  • Gain: 794m (2604ft)
  • Terrain: Hilly
  • Day Level: difficulty level 3.5
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 3: Loop ride to the coast

Highlights: The Adriatic coast, the Parenzana trail

Today's loop ride takes us to the Croatian coast, with views overlooking Slovenia and Italy to the west before heading inland to the Istrian Peninsula. We will follow part of the Parenzana trail, once a narrow gauge railway which connected Trieste with Porec. In its short operating period (1902-1935) the railway contributed greatly to the economic progress of Istria, transporting local products including wine, olive oil, salt, stone, lime, coal, wood, and passengers. This area is famous for its culinary specialties; in coastal areas you'll find a plethora of traditional seafood specialties and as you move inland the focus turns to wine and olive oil. Make sure Teran wine and extra virgin olive oil are on your list of things to try.

Road Surface: 24% gravel, 76% paved.

  • Distance: 54km (34mi)
  • Gain: 539m (1768ft)
  • Terrain: Hilly
  • Day Level: difficulty level 3.0
  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 4: Buje to Motovun

Highlights: Cycling through vineyards, olive groves and medieval villages

Today’s ride features rolling hills, medieval villages and olive groves and it's easy to imagine you've been transported to Tuscany, but with far fewer visitors. First you'll cycle to the medieval village of Momjan - famous for its Muscat. The next stop is Groznjan, a small renaissance town also known as the "City of Artists", where almost every house entrance has a small gallery or art studio. We finish the day in Motovun, a medieval hilltop town and the region's truffle capital. Today’s ride is a perfect sampling of the cultural richness of Istria's interior.

Road Surface: 35% gravel, 65% paved.

  • Distance: 46km (29mi)
  • Gain: 759m (2490ft)
  • Terrain: Hilly
  • Day Level: difficulty level 3.0
  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 5: Motovun to Vrsar

Highlights: UNESCO Pore?

This morning, we leave the verdant interior of Istria behind as we cycle back to the coast. We will finish the day in the town of Vrsar and pedal through Pore? along the way. Pore? is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its 6th century Euphrasian Basilica featuring gem-studded mosaics. There are also excellent examples of Romanesque and Baroque architecture, and plenty of great cafés and bars to relax and enjoy a beverage or meal. Tonight we'll sleep on the coast in Vrsar.

Road Surface: 64% gravel, 36% paved.

  • Distance: 53km (33mi)
  • Gain: 419m (1374ft)
  • Terrain: Rolling hills
  • Day Level: difficulty level 1.5
  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 6: Vrsar to Rovinj

Highlights: Inland istria, two-night stay in Bale

Enjoy another ride along the Istrian coast – as we cycle to the Venetian city of Rovinj. Explore the charming old center, beautiful fishing port and the majestic bell tower of the Euphemia Church built on the highest point in Rovinj. Certainly the city's most distinctive feature, and a coastal landmark, the bell tower commands your attention no matter which direction you approach the city. Along the way you'll find quaint villages, beautiful architecture, cycle through the vineyards of Malvasija, farms and medieval hill towns like Dvigrad, which is dominated by the remains of a Roman basilica.

Road Surface: 45% gravel, 55% paved.

  • Distance: 45km (28mi)
  • Gain: 488m (1601ft)
  • Terrain: Hilly
  • Day Level: difficulty level 2.0
  • Meals: Breakfast

DAY 7: Loop ride to Bale

Highlights: Rovinj, the coast

Enjoy our final ride along the Istrian coast and loop back into the interior. We'll pedal through Bale, a charming medieval town you'll want to explore. Take your time as you explore the old town, wander around the narrow, cobbled streets within the fortified city walls. Tonight we'll celebrate our cycling adventure with a special dinner together.

Road Surface: 60% gravel, 40% paved.

  • Distance: 60km (37mi)
  • Gain: 484m (1588ft)
  • Terrain: Rolling hills
  • Day Level: difficulty level 2.0
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Lodging:

DAY 8: Transfer to Pula – tour end

Highlights: Pula

Our tour ends today with a group transfer to Istria's largest city, Pula. We recommend you plan at least one night here to explore the charming cobblestone streets of this well-preserved Roman outpost. Don't miss the Roman amphitheater in the heart of the city and the nearby pristine beaches!

  • Meals: Breakfast
Travel Information

Travel Information

Day 1: Arrival Information

 Buon Giorno Italia – Trieste

Meeting time 2 p.m. - on Day 1, meet your fellow cyclists and Tour Leaders at the Day 1 Hotel specified on the itinerary.

As you are planning, remember that the hotels listed in our itineraries are our primary hotels and are - in rare cases - subject to change. Before you make arrangements, check with us if your tour departure is guaranteed. If your tour departure is out further than 6 months, please also check with us as there might be slight changes to the itinerary.

The below information will help you plan your arrival. For more tips or other routes, you might like Rome2Rio. The fare and timing information listed below is approximate.

We recommend flying into the Trieste Airport (TRS).

How to get to the Day 1 Hotel:

  1. Train from Trieste Airport to Trieste Centrale (30 min/EUR 4-5, no pre-booking necessary)
  2. Walk 3 minutes to the hotel (click here for map).

Look up Italian train schedules at Trenitalia.com or Trainline.eu. Questions? See our information on taking trains in Europe here.

Day 8: Departure Information

Transfer to Pula – tour end

Your tour ends on the final day with a complimentary ExperiencePlus! shuttle drop-off at the Pula Airport (PUY), arriving at 10 a.m. (1-hour shuttle). Reservations are required. Please make your shuttle reservation by emailing us no later than 30 days prior to your tour start date. 

Pula Airport does not connect to Venice but to other international destinations, and Milan. See the destination list here

Other departure options:

If you do not join the shuttle, you will be responsible for your own transportation, and you will have a number of options available in the region - some examples are listed below. Note that connectins may not be available daily.



Keep in Mind

We work hard to maintain consistency across all of our tours, but some trips have unique differences. Here are some things to keep in mind about this tour.

Learn more about what is included and what to expect on your Explorer tour at the Explorer Tour Style page.

Pre-Trip Planning Checklist

To Do Today!

3–6 Months Prior to Departure

  • Reserve your flights after you know you have a confirmed tour departure. Please check with our office if you do not know if your trip is confirmed. As you make your plans refer to the Getting To and Away sent to you in your booking confirmation email it provides meeting times and the starting and ending hotels and shuttle information when applicable.
  • Book your pre and post-tour hotel nights. Please refer to the Getting To and Away sheet you received in your Reservation Confirmation Email.
  • 12 weeks before your tour begin your training program www.experienceplus.com/training.
  • Final payment is due 90 days prior to the tour start. Please refer to your Deposit Payment Invoice and the Final Payment Reminder e-mail you have received for detailed instructions.

6 Weeks–2 Weeks Prior to Departure

Day of Your Flight

Get as much sleep on the plane as you can. Pack your Getting To and Away information and one day of cycling gear in your carry-on. See you soon!

What to Expect on Tour

Explorer Tour Style

Learn more about what is included and what to expect on your Explorer tour at the Explorer page.





  • This tour was amazing! I LOVED the routes. The trails were so great and the views were wonderful. I just really loved everything about it.

    Julie K., Anchorage, AK - September 2022
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