Our Staff and Tour Managers

Our staff in Colorado

In North America, our worldwide headquarters is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, alongside the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Here are the folks who answer your phone calls and emails, send you your tour information and coordinate with our staff overseas to make sure you know how to get from the airport in Bari to the hotel in Trani.

Our staff in Europe and our Tour Managers

Each of our overseas offices serves as our regional hub for planning, communications and equipment. This is where we prepare your in-depth tour information, set up the bikes you’ll ride, and even plan the dinners you’ll enjoy on tour!

In Italy, anyone who has cycled with us on our Culinary Delights, or a Venice-to-Florence or Venice-to-Pisa tour and stopped for lunch at our European headquarters in Forli knows it as “the Farm.” This tranquil family farm sits in the Italian countryside in the middle of a peach orchard and a vineyard. Paola’s family has farmed in this area since 1882 (more than 120 years!). As a child, Paola spent summers on the farm with her cousins, and today it serves as our base—not just for our fleet of 350 bicycles, but for us as we return “back to the barn” to relax between tours.

The farm also doubles as a sort of hostel for Tour Leaders traveling in and out between tours, as well as a seasonal home for our mechanics who come from far and wide to work on our bikes. If you happen to arrive at the right time, you might even be invited to lunch—we do after all cook lunch and eat together every day (some Italian traditions keep going even in a multinational company!).

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