Our Bikes

A good bike, and bike fit, can make or break a bicycle tour. We understand this and that is why take great pride in providing high-quality bikes, specifically fitted to each cyclist's unique build. Our full-time mechanics tune-up every bike when it returns to our Italian headquarters after each tour.

Bike Types Available in Continental Europe

Bike Types Available in Chile, Argentina and Cuba

Your Bike Comes Equipped With

  • Saddle (we offer a variety of gender-specific styles to choose from.)
  • Rear rack
  • Rack pack (approx.11" X 6" X 7" and expandable) with: pump, patch kit, spare tube
  • Cable lock
  • Toe cages (optional)
  • Cyclometer
  • Rear lights (on European tours)
  • Water bottle cage and a water bottle – two water bottle cages are available if you prefer. (Water bottles are yours to keep!)

What Bike Should You Choose?

Pick a bike that is similar to the bike you are used to riding at home. Some people prefer the drop handlebars that a road bike offers; while others prefer the upright style of a hybrid bike. The bike you select for your trip with us should be the one you are most comfortable with.

Pedal Options

If you ride clipless and are used to cycling with clips, we recommend you bring your own pedals and shoes. If you don't bring your own pedals, we provide flat pedals, pedals with cages and pedals with cages and straps. You'll have the chance to tell us what you prefer when you register for your trip! If you don't know, feel free to call us.

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