A selection of common questions.

If any other questions come to mind, please call us at 800-685-4565.  We’ve all been traveling for years, so even if your question isn’t bicycle-specific, chances are we can help.

If I come alone, will I have anyone to cycle with?
You'll naturally find others in the group who pedal the same speed as you. Most of our groups include 2 - 4 solo travelers.  Because we simplify navigation by marking the road with chalk arrows, couples can easily split up and ride at their own pace.  We're happy to tell you about the group composition before you sign up.  Just give us a call.

Can you accommodate small children?

We have bike trailers, tag-alongs, and small children's bikes available upon request. We do expect children to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Check out our Sightseer tours which are perfect for the entire family.

What kind of clothing or other gear will I need for the bike tours?

We provide a detailed packing list that includes all you need but not too much. Many of our customers wear lycra bike shorts and cycling jerseys for the rides. We also recommend gloves, sunglasses and a helmet (mandatory).

I usually ride a road bike but a friend suggested I use a bike with upright handlebars to see the countryside better. What do you think?

You should ride whichever bike you are most comfortable on and which you normally ride. We find that a trip like this is no time to try out a completely new bike. If you ride both styles at home the choice is up to you. Unless otherwise noted in the itinerary all of our routes are suitable for road bikes.

What kinds of cyclists take your tours?

Our travelers tend to be recreational cyclists who pedal during the summer and on weekends during good weather. These folks might make up 50-60% of your group. The remaining cyclists might be split between complete novices (who have never pedaled more that 10 miles in their life) and avid cyclists (who will ask for more mileage every day).
I am a strong rider who prefers longer, more challenging trips do you have any tours for me?
Absolutely, check out our ExpeditionPlus! trips.

What are your hotels like?

We use comfortable hotels and local-style inns. In Europe, this means they are primarily 3-4 star hotels. We might occasionally use a 2 star hotel when there are no other choices. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential, so we choose comfortable, well-managed hotels. With just one or two exceptions all rooms have a private bathroom.
Above all, we select our hotels for location. In cities, for example, our hotels are within walking distance of city-center sights. When we (rarely) choose a luxury hotel far from the center of town, it’s worth it.
In Argentina/Chile our hotels are, of necessity, a mixture of traditional, small country inns and modern resort hotels.

How many people will there be on my bicycle tour?

Our typical minimum is 6 people and the typical maximum is 18, however we do occasionally go as low as 4 people and as many as 19. ExpeditionPlus! tours have higher maximums, usually between 20 to 25 people. Some tours have higher minimums as well such as our Bike and Boat Tours. Call us and ask about the specific departure as we normally have a good idea of how tours fill during certain times of the year.

I like a mirror on my handlebar are they compatible with your bikes?

Bring your own mirror – on helmet or on handlebars - if detachable. The ergo grips on our hybrid bikes do not accommodate bar-end mirrors so bring either a helmet or sunglass mirror if riding a hybrid. Our road bikes do accommodate bar-end mirrors.

Should I bring my own bike saddle?

If you've found a saddle that works well of you then by all means bring it. This is especially important because you will be riding a number of days in a row so being comfortable is key.  We do have a variety of saddles available and carry extras if you'd like to use one of ours.

May I bring my own pedals?

Yes, we encourage those who want to have ‘clipless’ pedals to bring their own, and don’t forget your shoes!

Should I bring my own bike?

We find that if you are very tall, very short, or just hard to fit in general, it may make sense for you to bring your bike. But 99% of our customers find that the bikes we provide are perfectly adequate. Take a look at the detailed description on Our BIkes page and let us know if you have any questions.

Is it difficult to ship a bike to Europe?
There are more bike specific shipping companies sprouting up every day so we are hopeful that this will become a more reliable and less expensive service. However, based strictly on our experiences we are extremely hesitant to recommend shipping your bike. We have had instances where bikes have been stuck in customs, people have been required to pay extra duty fees, the bike hasn't arrived in time for the ride, or worst case scenario never arrives at all.
Do I get a discount if I bring my own bike?
We don't give any discounts if you bring your own bike.  But if there is space in the van we will happily tranport your bike box to the ending city.
What kinds of roads are we riding on?
We design all of our bicycle tours to use quiet roads and peaceful bike paths, whenever possible. After all, we want you to have a fun and safe time! But if you ever have a question regarding the quality of roads or traffic on any tour route, please give us a call. We'll be glad to talk with you about it. If you are particularly concerned about traffic and prefer bike paths our Sightseer tours are an excellent choice

Do you offer custom or private tours?
We can offer Custom dates and Custom tours as well.

Check out those details in our Custom Date and Private Tours page. 

I don't like to travel alone. Since you don't meet us at the airport, what are my options?
On all our tours we provide you with detailed instructions on how to get from the airport to the starting hotel. We offer assitance if you'd like help arranging flights (a small fee from our consolidator may apply), arranging transportation (often train tickets) to and from the tour start and end, and booking extra nights at your starting or ending tour hotel.

Does the tour price include airfare?
No, but we do work with a consolidator if you'd like us to check flight prices. We also recommend researching sites like www.kayak.com, and www.google.com/flights.

Can I rent a bike from you to tour on my own?
Yes, we do rent bikes.  Visit our sister company website Cycle Europe that offers bike rentals and self-guided cycling tours. 

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