Cycling Burgundy in France with ExperiencePlus!

Ways to Save with ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours!

Many of our travelers come back year after year.  We appreciate their friendship and loyalty, and have devised a few ways to show our gratitude for choosing ExperiencePlus! year after year.

Re-Cycle your way to huge discounts.

The most generous loyalty program out there! Here’s how our Re-Cycle Rewards Program works:

  • Take four tours, and your fifth will be discounted by 50% of the average tour price of your previous four tours.
  • Your tenth trip is discounted by 100% of the average tour price of your previous nine tours.
  • You don't have to join a club or pay a membership fee.  All you have to do is enjoy your first tour so much that you come back again and again.

The following restrictions and rules apply to our Re-Cycle program:

  • Book your trip early to take advantage of your discount! We limit the number of Re-Cycle customers to 2 per departure.
  •  TourzPlus™ trips earn Re-Cycle credits, but Re-Cycle credits cannot be redeemed on these departures. Tours priced in foreign currency will have their Re-Cycle value converted to US dollars at the time of booking.
  • Re-Cycle discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts. 
  • Re-Cycle credits can be redeemed on ExpeditionPlus! tours but cannot be earned on ExpeditionPlus! tours.
  • Re-Cycle credits are based on the tour price. Re-Cycle credits are not earned on extensions, Private or Will Share room charges, shuttles, or other added costs, or tours that are organized and operated by ExperiencePlus! but not publicly available or visible on the ExperiencePlus! website at the time of their listing (this applies to private groups or other private label trips that may run). 
  • Re-Cycle credits are not earned on tours that are booked or referred through an operator or website and list service other than ExperiencePlus!
  • Re-Cycle credits have no cash value, are non-transferable and cannot be combined. No matter who pays for the trip, the traveler is the one who earns the rewards.
  • When a Re-Cycle-eligible tour is purchased at a discount, it is the net price (after discount) paid that is used for future Re-Cycle Program calculations. This includes your fifth and tenth trip.
  • A trip that has been discounted by more than 50% of the tour price does not earn a Re-Cycle credit. (Re-Cycle 5 and 10 trips do earn a credit.)
  • We occasionally offer a "cash" discount in lieu of a Re-Cycle credit. If you choose to accept such a discount as a substitute for a Re-Cycle credit, the tour does not count towards your fifth or tenth tours, and the tour's price is not included in the discount calculations.
  • The Re-Cycle Program is subject to change without notice.

Two Trips in a Calendar Year

Do two or more trips in a calendar year and you'll save $200 on each departure. Cannot be combined with other discounts. TourzPlus! tours are excluded and do not count toward your total.

Discounts for Children

We offer 10% off the published tour price for children up to age 17 years as of the tour start date.

Triple rooms (with a cot, sofa bed or small bed added to a room) are often available so that children can share with parents. If a triple isn’t possible children will not be assigned a roommate that is someone other than a family member or known travel companion. Instead two rooms will be provided and a Private Room fee applied.

ExpeditionPlus! and TourzPlus! tours are excluded. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Group Discounts

Have six or more people ready to book one of our already listed departures? Great! Groups booking listed tour dates receive $200 off, per traveler! If you have a group of 11 or more and your group books during our annual Early Booking Discount we will offer an additional $100, per person, discount. Since these discounts are dependent on group size, they will be applied as refunds after full payment has been made. TourzPlus! tours are excluded. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Additional Bicycle Tour Dates and Private Departures

Have a group who wants to customize a date or itinerary? Read more about our private departures and custom bicycling itineraries here.


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