For the 2023 season we are in the process of evaluating our on-tour protocols. As the Covid-19 pandemic moves away from holding emergency pandemic status for most public health administrations we will continue to work towards keeping everyone as healthy and safe as possible on tour. To that end, we highly recommend you be up to date on your vaccines before you travel.

For the 2022 season, if someone tests positive for Covid on tour, we will take the following actions (we are reviewing our 2023 protocols and will be updating this page with changes).

  • If your test result is positive we will ask you to leave the trip. If you have a roommate they can remain if they test negative but we do ask them to take extra precautions around the group for 3 days. The timeline for isolation varies depending on local public health regulations in your destination. Generally this is 5 or 7 days.
  • We will help with logistics for lodging and transportation during the time you have to isolate. 
  • If medical assistance is needed, we will follow our standard medical protocols on tour and support you in seeing a medical professional.   
  • If this happens at the beginning of the trip you may have the option to rejoin the tour if you fulfill isolation requirements and test negative on a rapid antigen test.
  • We will ask the whole group to take extra precautions for up to 3 days following the positive test result of a group member. This includes wearing masks and practicing social distancing during group activities, e.g. guided tours, meals etc.

You will be responsible for any extra expenses resulting from needing to isolate or taking additional tests.

We highly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance as most plans cover medical assistance for Covid and some plans also cover trip delay and trip interruption coverage which includes quarantine or isolation delays due to Covid. You can find more details about travel insurance on our Travel Planning Pages.  These safety measures are based on and will continue to be updated and adapted as per US Centers for Disease Control (US CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and local health guidelines.