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Our itinerary descriptions provide overall tour levels as well as daily levels to help you determine if a bicycle tour is suited to your physical capabilities and interests. Our overall tour levels are on a scale of 1-5 but it is important to look at the individual daily summery for a more specific description of your tour. 

Daily level summaries to provide a synopsis of the cycling you can expect on tour each day. You'll find detailed information about each day's mileage, elevation gain, and terrain description on the "Daily Itinerary" tab of every bike tour. This breakout will help you better understand what to expect from your overall tour. Daily rides are on a scale of 1-5, 1 being less demanding and 5 very demanding. Please note perceived exertion is objective to the individuals expereince. 

Overall Tour Level Definitions

The overall tour levels are calculated by finding the average each day level's average. 

Our overall tour levels are on a scale of 1-5.  Below is a snapshot of what to expect from each tour Level. It is important to note that overall tour levels are calculated by combing the day level averages. For instance, a level 3 tour could have some rides that are both easier and more challenging than the overall tour level. This is indicative of the overall tour it is important to look at the individual daily summery for a more specific description of your tour.


Level 1 - 1.5

For those looking for gentle rides with a limited amount of climbing.

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Level 2 - 2.5

Suitable for riders who enjoy hills, and an occasional steeper climb.

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Level 3 - 3.5

For riders who prefer hilly terrain most days and/or longer mileage days.

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Level 4 - 4.5

For experienced riders who love to climb (and descend) and enjoy a few longer days in the saddle.

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Our ExpeditionPlus! tours designed for strong riders looking for the challenge of riding across countries or continents. Long daily mileages mean limited van support so we recommended these tours for riders who feel confident that they can ride every mile.

Average daily mileage: 120 km (75 miles). Be sure to check the day by day itinerary description for the tour you are considering for specific mileages.
Terrain: Expect and be prepared for any and everything.

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Terrain Definitions

Gently Rolling terrain includes mostly undulating/flat sections and a rare longer climb (less than 3 km - 2 miles) with an average grade less than 3%.
Rolling hills featuring multiple gentle slopes (average grade of 3-4%) usually less than 3 km (2 miles). There may also be an occasional shorter (less than 2 km -1 mile) but steeper climb, or a longer climb where the average grade is less than 3%.
Hilly terrain has climbs up to 3 km (2 miles) with an average grade between 4% and 6%. There may also be climbs longer than 3 km (2 miles), but with an average grade less than 4%.
Very hilly terrain includes one or more climbs, some of which maintain an average grade (meaning you will have short sections both steeper and less steep in the same climb) of 7% and 8% for no more than 3 km (2 miles). There will also be some longer climbs, but with a lower average grade.
Mountainous terrain includes one or more climbs with an average grade over 8%. Mountainous rides can also include longer climbs (more than 5 km - 3 miles) with an average grade up to 6%.


It is almost always possible to adapt the day’s ride to how you are feeling either by taking advantage of the support van, or asking tour leaders for additional mileage. Many itineraries feature longer and shorter mileage options.

Free Bicycle Training Programs by Joe Friel, a nationally recognized fitness expert! We offer 12-week cycling training programs designed for all fitness abilities and customized specifically for ExperiencePlus! tour levels.

Please note: we use Ride With GPS ( to calculate elevation and mileage information. Due to variance between mapping technologies, totals may differ slightly across devices and applications.




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