Italian Lakes District

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    Manzo All’Olio Di Rovato or Rovato Beef

    Manzo All’Olio Di Rovato Or “Beef In Oil” A tip of the “Priest’s Hat”  from the Franciacorta Region of Northern Italy An Italian alternative to a classic Sunday beef roast, try this long stewed beef dish from the Franciacorta Region Of… Read full article

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    2016 Cycling Italy’s Lakes District

    “And, Como! Thou, a treasure whom the earth keeps to herself,… thy chestnut woods and garden plots” as William Wordsworth wrote, seemingly breathlessly as he attempted to render his impressions of the marvelous Italian Lakes District into verse. You can… Read full article

  • Bicycling the Italian Lakes

    Several years ago a friend gave me a fridge magnet featuring the Madonna del Ghisallo – the Patron Saint of Bicyclist. I was thrilled and immediately affixed the magnet to the top tube of my touring bike and felt as… Read full article