Caffé Sciaccherato

Caffé Sciaccherato means “shaken coffee” and is the Italian equivalent of an iced coffee or “blended latte.” Even when it gets hot outside, Italians still have their espresso – but they simply cool it down with some ice! Like many espresso drinks you can have this with or without milk, and sweetened, or not.


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Prepare one or two shots of espresso either in an espresso maker or with a “mocha pot.”

Sweeten the coffee as you like it.

Add milk (optional) – not too much, as this is considered a small drink

Combine the coffee mixture with 3 or 4 large cubes of ice. Shake well (a true Italian will use a cocktail shaker, but a jar
with a lid works too) pour into a glass, keeping the ice in the drink shaker. It should be foaming on top.