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Expedition: Chile’s Carretera Austral

Join us on our bicycle expedition along the Carretera Austral from Chile’s Puerto Montt south to Chile Chico into the heart of central Patagonia.
17 days
From USD$8450
Expedition Level 5.0
  • Jan 06, 2024 – Jan 22, 2024
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Cycling Lyon to Ljubljana

Alpine Arc Expedition: Lyon to Ljubljana

Geographers and hydrologists have divided Europe’s alps into 36 mountain regions and pre-Alpine formations. Our ride takes us through and along 16 of those regions incorporating several glaciated valleys for easy rides while alternating with challenging mountain passes and Italy’s scenic Lake District. 
23 days
From USD$10395
Expedition Level 4.5
  • Jul 02, 2023 – Jul 24, 2023
    E-bikes not available. Departure confirmed.