Tour styles

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Our tour levels are a great way to start searching for a tour, but remember it is important to look at the daily ride summary because the tour level is an average of each day’s level. Tours will include days that are both easier and more challenging than the overall tour level.

Classic tour style


Get on a bike, follow the arrows, and leave your cares behind.

For those who like to pedal point to point on paved roads and explore “classic” cycling destinations and hidden gems only the locals know.

Explorer tour style


Feel like a kid again.

For riders seeking back roads, vistas and sites that are only accessible through a fun combination of pavement, dirt and hard packed gravel roads.

Bike and boat tour style

Bike & Boat

Bike on land. Sleep on water. Unpack once.

For those who want a Classic touring experience and love sleeping on water, unpacking once and exploring coastlines and quiet inland roads.

Expedition tour style


Meet cyclists who love epic journeys.

The Expedition style was born from a passion for traversing continents with like-minded cyclists who delight in the unexpected and enjoy the

Still not sure what style is right for you?