Man riding green bike across a bridge.

Tour levels

We provide overall tour and daily levels based on a scale of 1-5 – with 1 being less demanding and 5 being very demanding.

Our tour levels are a great way to start searching for a tour, but remember it is important to look at the daily ride summary because the tour level is an average of each day’s level. Tours will include days that are both easier and more challenging than the overall tour level.

Choose the right level for you

Level 1

Level 1-1.5

For those desiring gentle rides with a limited amount of climbing.

Level 2

Level 2-2.5

Suitable for riders who enjoy hills and the occasional steeper climb.

Level 3

Level 3-3.5

For riders who prefer hilly terrain and/or longer mileage days.

Level 4

Level 4-4.5

For experienced riders who love to climb (and descend) and enjoy a few longer days in the saddle.

Level 5

Level 5-5.5

Expeditions are multi-week tours designed for strong riders looking for the challenge of riding across countries or continents.