Cycling in Switzerland

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Though small in size, Switzerland figures largely in the minds of outdoor enthusiasts as a must-experience destination. With towering peaks, pristine lakes, four distinct languages, and a commitment to on-time transportation, Switzerland is at once relaxed and precise.

While the country’s origins date back to the Roman era, its true emergence as a nation began in the Middle Ages. The Swiss Confederation, formed in 1291, laid the groundwork for the modern Swiss state. Over the centuries, Switzerland navigated a delicate balance of neutrality, even as surrounding countries were engulfed in wars and conflicts. This neutrality allowed Switzerland to flourish economically and cultivate its unique cultural identity.

The country is divided into four distinct language regions: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Each region boasts its own traditions, cuisine, and architecture that are best experienced by bicycle. Whether your tour begins in France, Germany, or Italy, you’ll delight in the opportunity to have your bicycle adventure include Switzerland.

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Geneva to Lyon bike tour

Cycling Lake Geneva to Chambéry Plus! Lyon

Enjoy stunning lakes and the mighty Rhone River as you bicycle in the shadows of the Alps from Geneva to Lyon. You’ll find jaw dropping scenery, charming towns and be fueled by a wonderful combination of French and Swiss culinary specialties.
11 days
From USD$6695
Classic Level 2.0
  • Jun 23, 2024 – Jul 03, 2024

  • Sep 01, 2024 – Sep 11, 2024

Cycling Lake Geneva to Chambéry

Enjoy stunning lakes and scenic forrests as you bicycle in the shadows of the alps from Geneva to Chambery. In addition to jaw dropping scenery and charming towns you will taste a wonderful combination of French and Swiss food as you experience this special region of the world.
7 days
From USD$4595
Classic Level 2.0
  • Jun 23, 2024 – Jun 29, 2024

  • Sep 01, 2024 – Sep 07, 2024

Alsace to the Black Forest on bike

Grand Bicycling Tour of Alsace and the Black Forest

Cross borders and sample a colorful combination of cultures as you cycle through France, Germany, and Switzerland. This unique corner of the world is home to stunning landscapes from thick, pine forests to crystal clear lakes nestled under the Alps.
14 days
From USD$6795
Classic Level 3.0
  • Jun 23, 2024 – Jul 06, 2024

  • Jul 28, 2024 – Aug 10, 2024

  • Sep 08, 2024 – Sep 21, 2024

Bicycling the Black Forest to Lake Constance

Bicycling the Black Forest to Lake Constance

Stunning cycling through the Black Forest, crystal clear lakes and charming towns preserved from WWII as you crisscross the border between Germany and Switzerland.
8 days
From USD$4695
Classic Level 3.0
  • Jun 29, 2024 – Jul 06, 2024

  • Aug 03, 2024 – Aug 10, 2024

  • Sep 14, 2024 – Sep 21, 2024

Cycling Lyon to Ljubljana

Alpine Arc Expedition: Lyon to Ljubljana

Geographers and hydrologists have divided Europe’s alps into 36 mountain regions and pre-Alpine formations. Our ride takes us through and along 16 of those regions incorporating several glaciated valleys for easy rides while alternating with challenging mountain passes and Italy’s scenic Lake District. 
23 days
Pricing unavailable
Expedition Level 4.5
    No dates currently scheduled.
    Private departures available.
Bicycle The Rhone to the Rhine Rivers with ExperiencePlus

Rhone to Rhine – Alumni Expedition

Rhone to Rhine Expedition – over 1000 miles of extraordinary cycling.
22 days
From USD$9795
Expedition Level 3.0
  • Sep 06, 2024 – Sep 27, 2024
    With 14, or more, price is $9,495. No Will Shares Available