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Slovenia is the very definition of an undiscovered destination. As a very peaceful and prosperous country, its short history as a political entity is enriched by its centuries-old cultural heritage. The cultural diversity packed into an area about the size of New Jersey will be a pleasant surprise. With its Mediterranean beaches, over 87 hot springs, rugged peaks in the 9,000-foot Julian Alps, 6,000 miles of trails, 40-plus ski resorts, and plenty of roads with little traffic it is perfect as a bicycle tour destination.

While Slovenia boasts stunning natural scenery and a perfectly manicured countryside, its cultural monuments are just as impressive: gothic villages, baroque churches and medieval castles punctuate the landscape to add to the mountain peaks. Join us on a bicycle tour that explores the Alpine lakes of northern Slovenia. Join us and discover what this tiny country nestled between the Italian and German world has to offer as you get to know its distinct Slavic flavor.

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