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Guided Bike Tours in Poland

Poland is the France of Eastern Europe: it is the largest country in the region; it enjoys a dense network of farm villages and roads; and it has varied terrain from the High Tatra Mountains to the North European Plain and the Baltic Sea coast. Our primary tour in Poland goes from historic Krakow, south past the High Tatra Mountains into Slovakia and on to Budapest, Hungary.

Krakow is a world heritage site, as declared by the United Nation's Educational and Scientific Organization. The City survived World War II with little damage, unlike Warsaw which was nearly entirely destroyed. Krakow flourished as a Medieval market center so plan to visit the vast Market Square, the medieval castle towing above it and to explore the rich architecture that was built during the five centuries that Krakow was the capital of Poland, beginning in 1038. Krakow is, perhaps, one of the best preserved cities in all of Eastern Europe so don't underestimate the time you'll need to enjoy it. And if you have time, we suggest flying into Warsaw for a couple of days before continuing on to Krakow. Warsaw, of course, was nearly completely destroyed during World War II but has now been fully reconstructed.

Join us, and enjoy the breadbasket of Europe by bicycle.

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