Exploring Copenhagen on a guided bike tour.
  • Length 14 days
  • From USD$6795
  • Style/Level Classic 1.5
  • Countries Denmark
  • Begin/End Copenhagen / Berlin
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What to expect in your European 3 or 4 star hotel

The most important factor when it comes to selecting a hotel is your comfort. We understand a good night’s sleep makes all the difference when you are on an active vacation. We have carefully chosen all our accommodations for their charm and location. They are typically small, family run hotels that offer you a glimpse into the local culture. We prefer hotels near interesting sites in the center of town located along the best cycling route in the area. Because many of the hotels are small, not all the rooms will be exactly the same. We keep this in mind and do our best to distribute rooms fairly by the end of the tour.

  • Hotels will be located centrally but off busy areas so you will have a quiet and, if necessary, sound-proof room.
  • Comfortable rooms and beds for a good night’s rest.
  • Modern amenities, even if A/C may be limited
  • Cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere.

Read more on what to expect on Air Conditioning in Europe and Rooming Options on tour.

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  • Copenhagen and its cycling path network

  • Beaches along the Baltic

  • Lübeck – UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Best marzipan in the world

  • Guided tour of Hamburg harbor

  • The Iron Curtain

  • Birding opportunities

  • Potsdam’s Sanssouci Palace


  • 14 days, 13 nights’ accommodation

  • meals as noted in itinerary

  • ferry crossings, guided tours of Hamburg and Berlin

  • and the usual (see below).

  • “The usual” (see Classic tour includes)

Keep in mind


The Danes are well known for their love of cycling and cities all around the world are now trying to emulate their bicycling success. It really is a biking heaven with over 390 kilometers (241 miles) of designated bike lanes. The world also looks to Copenhagen for the latest innovations in design, architecture, fashion and savors the extraordinary culinary revolution that has taken place here over the last decade. Enjoy an avant-garde Danish welcome dinner tonight.

Meals : Dinner
Lodging : Hotel Kong Arthur

Leave Copenhagen on one of its many extraordinary bike paths to the Kalvebod Fælled nowadays one of the biggest recreational areas around Copenhagen. Stop for lunch in Køge, a century old market town with an impressive medieval section surrounding the central square which is home to the oldest dated half-timbered house in Denmark. Continue cycling south, past Stevens Klint to our hotel on the Baltic beach of Rødvig.

Distance: 79km (49mi) | Gain: 203m (666ft) | Terrain | Day level: 1.5

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Hotel Klinten

Continue pedaling south to Præstø Fjord and stop to view the famous Nysø Mansion, one of Denmark’s first and finest examples of baroque architecture overlooking the Fjord. Gather picnic supplies in the small town of Præstø which began as a merchant village in the 14th Century. Keep cycling over small country roads to our hotel in Vordinborg.

Distance: 58km (36mi) | Gain: 346m (1135ft) | Terrain | Day level: 1.5

Meals : Breakfast
Lodging : Hotel Kong Valdemar

A short walk to the nearby train station gets you going this morning-you’ll travel on the iconic Berlin-Copenhagen line which goes directly onto the ferry to cross the Fehmarn Belt to enter Germany. Continue by train across the Fehmarn Sund bridge to the town of Oldenburg where you’ll switch modes of transportation to hop on your bike and pedal to our two night stay in this German lakes region. Enjoy your first night in Germany with some bratwurst and beer!

Distance: 39km (24mi) | Gain: 343m (1125ft) | Terrain | Day level: 1.0

Meals : Breakfast
Lodging : Hotel Dieksee

Your loop ride today is in this area of Germany, nicknamed “Holstein Switzerland” since it has some hills. In the 19th century it was very fashionable to go to Switzerland for vacations. We’re not sure it quite fits its moniker as the highest “mountain” is only 550 feet! Pedal through an ever-changing landscape of the Young Drift moraines formed during the last ice age. Small woods alternate rapidly with hedged, arable fields and the terrain is characterized by its many lakes nestle amongst low hills. Enjoy Plön and its castle, or, for those not wanting to bike today, relax in town or at the hotel.

Distance: 69km (43mi) | Gain: 656m (2152ft) | Terrain | Day level: 2.0

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Hotel Dieksee

You’ll bid farewell to the Baltic today. Ride along the beach and enjoy the waterfront of the Timmendorfer Strand before heading southwest inland to Lübeck. Before entering town, catch a free bike shuttle bus that takes you through the Herrentunnel underneath the Trave river. Lübeck is referred to as the Queen of Hanseatic cities. Its extensive Brick Gothic architecture is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. And make sure you enjoy Lübeck’s beloved delicacy – one of the best marzipan’s in the world made by Niederegger.

Distance: 50km (31mi) | Gain: 249m (817ft) | Terrain | Day level: 1.5

Meals : Breakfast
Lodging : Atlantic Hotel Lübeck

“The gateway to the world” might be a bold claim, but Germany’s second-largest city and largest port (despite being located on a river 100 km from the coast) has never been shy. Hamburg has engaged in business with the world ever since it joined the Hanseatic League back in the Middle Ages, and this “harbourpolis” is now the nation’s premier media hub and its wealthiest city.

We’ll enjoy a special dinner this evening with riders who are doing the Hamburg to Berlin stage of the ride.

Distance: 69km (43mi) | Gain: 364m (1194ft) | Terrain | Day level: 2.0

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Hotel Henri

Enjoy a harbor cruise this morning and some free time to visit some of the local attractions like the impressive Rathaus (city hall) or one of the museums in the newly popular warehouse district. Or perhaps you’d like some shopping in the main streets around the train station, or a stroll along the Alster River and harbor to see the bustle.

Terrain | Day level: 2.0

Meals : Breakfast
Lodging : Hotel Henri

Take a ferry out of Daily Hamburg and find yourself transported to another world – the “Alte Land” a rural paradise famous for its orchards. As the landscape changes we’ll ride through the Lüneburg Heath, a nature reserve, on our way to Lüneburg town whose prosperity for centuries came from its salt. The town sat upon a massive salt dome which was mined, sold/traded throughout Northern Europe. Though salt is no longer the primary economic driver, Lüneburg has more than that going for it. For instance our hotel is the location for the German TV series, “Red Roses”. Stroll around and enjoy this fairy tale setting.

Distance: 71km (44mi) | Gain: 422m (1384ft) | Terrain | Day level: 2.0

Meals : Breakfast
Lodging : Hotel Altes Kaufhaus

Today’s ride follows the Elbe river along a natural area of the Lower Saxony Elbtalaue. With such a picturesque landscape it’s difficult to imagine that you are traveling along the Iron Curtain. We’ll regather in Hitzacker and take a 1.45-hour shuttle to the final destination of the day, Tangermünde. Our hotel for the night is the former residence of the emperor of Tangermünde, the castle’s unforgettable charm casts a spell on all who visit. Enjoy the pool or spa this afternoon.

Distance: 55km (34mi) | Gain: 408m (1338ft) | Terrain | Day level: 1.5

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Schloss Hotel Tangermunde

You will continue riding along the Elbe valley, a paradise for bird watchers because its extensive alluvial flats offer perfect conditions for a wide variety of birds. After crossing the Elbe by ferry we will be heading toward the next river, the Havel. Actually, it is more of a series of lakes rather than a river that you will be following as you enter the town of Brandenburg.

Distance: 69km (43mi) | Gain: 298m (977ft) | Terrain | Day level: 1.5

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Hotel Sorat Brandenburg

Today you will follow bike paths along the Havel River to the final destination for the day, Potsdam. This was the royal residence for Prussian kings and the German Kaiser until 1918. The palace’s name Sans Souci, translates to “without concerns”. King Frederick set-up his summer residence here in the 18th century to relax and escape the spectacle of the Berlin court. You’ll pedal through the city’s impressive park itself to reach our hotel in the center of town. Take the rest of the day to enjoy the town, its many palaces, and parks.

Distance: 58km (36mi) | Gain: 222m (728ft) | Terrain | Day level: 1.5

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Hotel Brandenburger Tor

Today we cycle to our final destination and Germany’s largest city, Berlin. Our route will take us across the bridge of spies, through the Grunewald, past the Olympia Stadium of 1936, and along bike paths to the Victory Column, through the Tiergarten Park to the Brandenburg Gate and back on bike paths to the Reichstag!

Distance: 40km (25mi) | Gain: 271m (889ft) | Terrain | Day level: 1.0

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Capri by Fraser Berlin

Your cycling adventure is complete, but we will spend our last morning together with a guided visit through the city. Once we finish our tour back at the hotel at around 1 p.m., we hope you have a bit more time to spend in one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities. It offers a little of everything for its many visitors — Happy travels! If you must depart, we recommend you book your home bound flight for the next day as most international flights leave in the morning.

Meals : Breakfast

Visit our Tour Level page to learn more about terrain levels and how we dermine day and tour levels.

Dates & prices

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Jul 15-28, 2023 USD$6795 USD$650  Departure confirmed to go!


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  • Love the arrows, guides, route, 4 and 5 star hotels, picnics, other bikers, history lessons from guides, attention to we bikers on the road, and my bike being ready the next morning!!! Seeing the country slowly.

    Jeanne E., Centerville,OH
  • This tour had some of the most beautiful rides of any ExperiencePlus! trip to date. Miles of car-free bike paths through farms, along rivers, and through towns. Seeing first hand the differences between West and East Germany. Every ExperiencePlus! trip we do is a new favorite and this one was no exception.

    Sari R., Glastonbury, CT
  • Most fun you”ll have on two wheels-the only way to vacation!

    John and Stacey M., Newport, OR