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Few countries stir the imagination like France. You may have already pictured yourself bicycling through small villages composed of beautiful stone buildings, quaint cafés, and Romanesque churches that gaze across the valley at each other under the Provençal sun. Perhaps you've imagined yourself strolling through the lovely cobblestone streets, or enjoying the local specialties as you fill your senses with the pervading sights and scents of a traditional market. You may have always wanted to look out from atop an impenetrable medieval castle or a luxurious Renaissance château, the entire place resonating with centuries of history, romance and revenge.

Let us help you bring these images alive. At ExperiencePlus! we've been leading bicycle and walking tours all over the world since 1972, and we have a number of bicycle tours in France. Travel with us to visit Roman ruins and historic market towns in Provence, explore the royal castles of the Loire Valley, and discover Europe's best rural cycling roads in the Dordogne River valley. Sample the world's finest wines in Burgundy and the Côtes du Rhone, and trace Mediterranean history in Corsica. As you experience all of this on our bicycle tours, you'll enjoy charming and comfortable lodging as well as the wonderful food that draws so many gourmet lovers to France.

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