What’s in a Room?

We often get questions about what type of hotels we select, what the rooming options are, and how the private room fees work.

ExperiencePlus! prices all trips as double occupancy – which means that there are two people sharing a room together with either one or two beds – depending on preferences. For folks without a roommate but who don’t mind sharing a room, or for a group of three people traveling together we also get questions about what their room options might be.

We thought we’d pull together answers to all those questions so that you can have a clearer idea of what to expect and how to choose the room option that works best for you.

Our accommodations capture the culture and history of your destination. You will enjoy a mix of lodging styles on tour that showcase mom and pop hospitality with modern amenities. As most of these hotels were built in the last few centuries, rooms are not always the same standard across each property and they can differ from what you might expect at home.


Types of Rooms

Private Room – I prefer to room alone:

In many European hotels a room designed to accommodate one person has one bed (generally a twin bed) and oftentimes – because it is a “smaller” room – it has less space in general.

If you choose a “Private Room”, and pay the Private Room charge we generally book a “double room for single use” so that you can enjoy more space than what might normally be available in a single room at the same hotel.

Private Room Charges may differ depending on the tour you book. You can refer to the Dates & Prices section of your chosen departure to see what it might be.

Will Share –Can you match me with a roommate?

If you’d like a roommate, we will do our best to match you up with a fellow traveler of the same gender. The two of you will be accommodated in a room with two beds.

If we find the bed situation in certain hotels to not be sufficient for privacy, we will assign single rooms to each person at no extra charge.

Since finding a roommate is not always possible and sometimes even if you are willing to share a room you will end up in a private room, we do charge a reduced “Private room charge” for those willing to share a room. This fee is 50% of the Private Room Charge specified in the Dates & Prices section of your chosen departure. If we find you a roommate, we will refund this charge at the conclusion of the trip.

If there is no roommate available, you will have your own room throughout the tour, generally designed to accommodate one person.

Double Room – for two people who prefer to share a room together.

For those who prefer to share a room, your room will be equipped with one Queen (or larger) sized bed or two beds pushed together with queen or king sized bedding.

If you prefer two separate beds, most hotels will have two single beds in a standard “two bed” room. Sometimes these beds are quite close to each other –  within arm’s reach of one another. In rare cases and mostly in Germany and Austria, both mattresses might be together in the same frame but have separate bedding.

Triple Room – There are 3 of us traveling together.

There are very few hotels in Europe that can accommodate three adults comfortably in one room so we do not offer this option. If there are 3 of you, you will need to pick a room for two people (double) and an additional Private Room. The only exception is adult(s) traveling with children. In this case a cot or small bed can be added to a room so that children can share with parents. If a triple isn’t possible, children will not be assigned a roommate that is someone other than a family member or known travel companion. Instead two rooms will be provided and a Private Room fee applied.

Boat Cabins

There are no Will Share options available for our boat-based tours. If you are traveling on your own, you will be required to pay the Private Room fee. Expect smaller beds. Though they may be described as Queen, Full and Twin they are smaller than standard beds the same name due to space restrictions on boats.

Air conditioning

Although we strive to make sure all our hotels are comfortable (including having air conditioning available), air conditioning standards throughout Europe are often not the same as you will find in North America or other countries with more modern buildings. In many locations like Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark or mountainous areas, air conditioning isn’t available because it traditionally hasn’t been needed.

Even in hotels that provide air conditioning it is not uncommon for hotels to limit its use. Meaning that they will only allow the thermostat to go to a preset limit – say 78F. Or the system is set to turn off at night to save energy and resources. This may be for cost reasons (electricity is very expensive), for system reasons (the system can only tolerate a certain amount of electrical use), or cultural reasons.

Culturally the difference between European and North American attitude regarding the use of air conditioning is huge.  Check out this article in the Washington Post from a few years ago.

What to expect in your European 3 or 4 star hotel

The most important factor when it comes to selecting a hotel is your comfort. We understand a good night’s sleep makes all the difference when you are on an active vacation. We have carefully chosen all our accommodations for their charm and location. They are typically small, family run hotels that offer you a glimpse into the local culture. We prefer hotels near interesting sites in the center of town located along the best cycling route in the area. Because many of the hotels are small, not all the rooms will be exactly the same. We keep this in mind and do our best to distribute rooms fairly by the end of the tour.

  • Hotels will be located centrally but off busy areas so you will have a quiet and, if necessary, sound-proof room.
  • Comfortable rooms and beds for a good night’s rest.
  • Modern amenities, even if A/C may be limited
  • Cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere.

Nadine Dirksen - A German native, Nadine is a happy Colorado transplant who moved from lush Bavaria when she married. She left the land of pretzels in 2012 and has been enjoying a fun life full of cycling, mountain biking, CrossFit, hiking, running and any other outdoor activity that involves her little black Dachshund-mix. When not having fun outside or at work, she tries her hand at different craft projects with varying success. She helps our travelers by answering all their questions before their tours and she can't wait to help you bring your dream trip to reality!

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