Accepted payment methods

You will find your outstanding balance on your Invoice e-mailed to you with your reservation confirmation. We grant a 1.5% discount for certain payment methods. The discounted balance is also stated on your Invoice. If you can’t find your Invoice, contact us, we’ll resend it.

Payment methods

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Credit Card

  • No discount is available for this payment option.
  • We will automatically charge your outstanding balance to your credit card on file on the due date (both card on file and due date are listed on your invoice enclosed with your reservation confirmation).

Please note the following:

  • If you’d like to use a different card than what we have on file, please contact us at least 3 days prior to the due date.
  • Do not email us any credit card numbers. We will send you a secure link where you can make your payment directly.
  • If we are unable to charge your card for any reason, we will automatically send you a secure link where you can make your payment directly.
  • Keep in mind: If your domestic currency is not US-dollars, you may be charged transaction and currency exchange fees by your credit card company or bank.

Check in US-dollars

  • Pay by check in US-dollars and we grant you a 1.5% discount.
  • Let us know prior to the due date that you plan to pay by check.
  • Ensure that your check in U.S. funds arrives prior to the due date.
  • Make sure your check is made out to the discounted amount listed on your Invoice. 
  • Make the check out to “ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours” and mail it to our address listed here

Bank Transfer (non-US- accounts only) - good option for our non-US travelers!

  • Available for non-US accounts only. We will grant you a 1.5% discount.
  • Let us know prior to the due date that you plan to make a transfer.
  • We will email you the account information.

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