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2016 Cycling Andalucia Itinerary Updates!

by Maria Elena Price - Thursday, January 7, 2016

We are thrilled to unveil our re-designed Andalucia bicycle tour itinerary. Here is a short video on why Andalucia is many of our Tour Leader’s favorite tour – including our narrator Philipp Alexander Schmitt

Get ready to be wowed as this cycling journey will take you along quiet open roads with sweeping landscapes and some of the most interesting historical and cultural cities in Europe. Step back in time as you explore ancient cities with towering walls, unique castles and historic buildings.  There are three length options so select the one that fits your interest and schedule!

  • In 7 days, cycle from Seville to Cordoba on a moderate 301 level ride through the Sierra foothills, olive groves and the fertile Guadalquivir valley to explore two of the most important cities in Andalucia. Seville is now home to the world’s largest wooden structure with its amazing new Metropol Parasol – another great reason to arrive early and spend some time in this fascinating city.
  • In 8 days, cycle from Cordoba to Granada and experience a literal sea of olive groves, striking mountains and plateaus between two historic and intriguing cities. This is a 401 level ride with some longer days, steady (but not steep!) climbs and stunning roads, not to mention the beautiful towns of Ubeda and Baeza (and you won’t want to miss our new hotel in Ubeda!)
  • Combine the top two trips to make a 13 day grand cycling tour of Andalucia that includes visits to Sherry producers, olive mills and gourmet meals in the best restaurants – not to mention the interesting towns!

Book by January 31st, 2016 and enjoy a $200 discount!


Maria Elena Price - Maria Elena Malpezzi-Price: 'M.E.' started her bicycle tour leading experiences as a 5 year old, translating ice cream flavors on our first Venice to Pisa tours. Since then, she's led tours in more than 10 countries (specializing in Spain, where she lived for more than a year). With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and International Affairs and an MBA From the Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado, Boulder she manages the business and its development at the Fort Collins office in Colorado (and of course traveling to Europe in the summers). She loves going out on tour and hopes to manage to travel a bit even though now she is "in charge" of the Fort Collins office! You can e-mail her at MariaElena {at}

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