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Island Tours: Sicily, Corsica & Greece

by ExperiencePlus! - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Touring the Mediterranean Islands

Sicily, Corsica and Greece

The islands of the Mediterranean, with their beautiful beaches and mild climate, have long been a favorite destination for vacationing Europeans. But away from the resort towns, there are hidden gems for the cyclist, with excellent bicycling and delicious regional cuisine. Our bike tours in Sicily, Corsica and the Greek Islands are all fantastic ways to discover the best of these islands. Enjoy unmatched cycling through the rich history and scenery of the coast during the day, and great food in charming towns and villages at night.

A whitewashed village in the Greek Islands.Our Bike, Walk and Cruise the Greek Islands tour highlights the best of the Cyclades Islands – Santorini, Ios, Naxos, and Paros. Bicycle through Greece’s unique landscape and soak in its easy-going rhythm of life. Greece has 15,000 kilometers of coastline, 1,400 islands and countless inlets, atolls and hidden coves and reefs. Of course for some, the most appealing motive for traveling to Greece is the vast cultural heritage and the well-known Greek hospitality. You’ll step off the yacht each day and cycle into postcard-worthy vistas of azure waters, sandy beaches, and the clear sky above. Stop for a drink in one of the whitewashed villages these islands are known for. The houses in these villages are painted white to help keep them cool, and built close together for protection from the wind and the historical threat of pirates. The "Bike, Walk and Cruise" tour format is unique in that it gives you the choice each day to hike or take a bicycle ride. Either way, you’ll enjoy the freedom to go at your own pace, stopping for photos (or baklava!) when the mood strikes.

Spectacular ride on the coast of Corsica.Although Corsica has a complex history of conquest and settlement, it retains its fiery sense of independence. Like Sicily, Corsica enjoys its own unique patchwork of Mediterranean cultures. The local dialect is based on Latin but incorporates a unique mix of French, Arabic, Italian and 16th century Genoese dialect! Touring the island by bicycle on our Cycling Corsica – The Island of Beauty bike tour is the best way to see the exquisite landscape and culture. You’ll cycle along white-sand beaches and coastal cliffs overlooking transparent waters, working up an appetite for the excellent seafood and other local specialties awaiting you at dinner.


Sunset over a Sicilian bay.On our Cycling Sicily bicycle tour you will be able to ride through stunning landscapes of golden wheat, rocky coasts and picturesque mountains. Bicycling along its beautiful shores, you’ll see why this island’s splendor has inspired authors and poets throughout the ages. For some, Sicilian food is the best in the Mediterranean. You’ll see a hint of Greek influence in the seafood and fresh vegetable dishes (since Sicily was a Greek colony during the Classic Age), as well as northern Italian touches and, frequently, spices from the Far East and North Africa. The art and architecture of this island is truly a collage of legendary times. Important Roman remnants can be found throughout the island, and churches and palaces reveal their Arab-Byzantine influence. There are Gothic-style castles in Catania and Syracuse, baroque-style Catalonian inspirations and the ancient ruins of Necropolis of Pantalica.

Whether you choose Sicily, Corsica or the Greek Islands, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful coastlines Europe has to offer in the best way possible: traveling by bicycle. We invite you to check out our itineraries for each of the bike tours below and join ExperiencePlus! for your next adventure.

 Cycling Sicily

Cycling Corsica – The Island of Beauty

Bike, Walk and Cruise the Greek Islands

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