Travel Tips

Travel Tips

6 Tips for Surviving Winter Cycling

6 Tips for Surviving Winter Cycling Don’t let the cold weather keep you off your bike. We’ve got a few suggestions to keep you safe and warm as we enter... Read More »

Travel Tips

Summer Cycling: Pro Tips For Keeping Cool

Though we do our best to plan our bicycle tour departures during the most ideal cycling seasons, weather is ultimately an uncontrollable factor. Despite our best efforts, heat waves do... Read More »

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Why Spring? The List is Long…

And the time is near! Spring is just around the corner and there is no reason to miss out on one of the best bicycle touring seasons in Europe. Along... Read More »

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Top 4 Tours for a Culture Fix

4 Great Tours for a Cultural Fix Bicycle travel is a great way to get a taste for local culture – in its many forms.  Here are a few of... Read More »

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What happens after you book your cycling trip with...

You Booked Your Bicycle Tour! Now what? Pure magic and exhilarating joy! And aside from that, also some planning that we gladly help you with. Step 1 – We need... Read More »

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Q&A With Photographer Paolo Vallicelli

Four Tips for Photographers Q&A with photographer Paolo Vallicelli  Based in the hills of Bertinoro, Italy, professional photographer Paolo Vallicelli has taken many of ExperiencePlus!’s travel photos. We asked Paolo... Read More »

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Culinary Considerations

Culinary Considerations Adventures In Breaking Bread And Routine One of the many things I love about traveling is the way it allows me to insert myself into a new culture... Read More »

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Five Reasons to Visit South Africa

Five Reasons to Visit South Africa “Lions freely roam vast game reserves such as Kruger National Park, vineyards stretch across the Cape Winelands, and mountains cascade into the sea along... Read More »

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Finding Flights Just Got Easier

Save Time and Money When Booking Your Flights Flight Arrangements Made Easy With Exito Travel Booking a flight can be somewhat of a grueling, not to mention time consuming, process.... Read More »

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Soaking in Split

The “Split List” City sights you don’t want to miss in Split, Croatia Split, Croatia’s second largest city, is a major gateway to endless options for exploring the breathtaking islands... Read More »

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Recipe: Picnicking While on a Bike Tour

Lunch on the Roll Ride until your hungry … or can’t get enough of the view Cycling can certainly kick one’s appetite into gear, and a picnic lunch is a... Read More »

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Six Useful Websites for Travel Planning

Though the following websites will not greet you with a smile or deliver luggage to your room, they are useful tools when mapping out travel options for getting to and... Read More »

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Tours That Challenge and Thrill

Some tours are meant to challenge and thrill.  They take you off the beaten path and give you the satisfaction that comes with cycling over mountains or riding long distances.... Read More »

Florence photo by ExperiecnePlus! traveler Jacquie Malanga

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She’s Back – The 2014 SATT Winner

Jacqueline Malanga was the winner of the 2014 Send a Teacher Traveling Award and she’s recently returned from the ExperiencePlus! Bike Across Italy: Venice to Pisa ride so we thought... Read More »

Rule of thirds

Travel Tips

A Rule For Stronger Photos…Or Not

Tool of thirds Want a simple, classic design principal that will instantly make your pictures more dynamic and interesting? The rule of thirds is it. What’s the Rule of Thirds?... Read More »

Adjusting a derailleur on one of ExperiencePlus!'s Ti Road bikes. Photo by John Giebler

Travel Tips

The Three Essential Travel Photos

The Three Essential Travel Photos What are the key pictures you should bring back from your next trip? Photos that tell the story of your vacation – the people you... Read More »

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Three Secrets to Stunning Travel Photos

By John Giebler, ExperiencePlus! Director of Tours Are you proud of your travel photos? I mean, when you come back from a trip, do people beg to see them? Or... Read More »

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Tips for Using Your Credit Card Internationally

With the increase in fraud and identity theft using your credit card overseas is getting trickier and more expensive as credit card companies add transaction fees that typically run 3%... Read More »

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Bicycling Vacations: Stress Free Fun For Friends and Family

We at ExperiencePlus! have noticed an interesting trend amongst our travelers: more and more folks are inviting friends and family to join them on their bicycling vacation. These groups come... Read More »

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How to Clear US Customs Faster

Our Travel Tip this month comes from longtime customer and frequent traveler, Dave Forester. Here’s what Dave suggests to save time clearing US Customs. Enroll in the U.S. Customs &... Read More »

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Ten Days in a Carry-On

ExperiencePlus! continues our Travel Tip series with a recent article from the New York Times that literally shows you how to pack for “10 Days in a Carry-On” published  May... Read More »

Short story suggestions for bicycling in Europe.

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Tips to prepare for your bicycling trip

Interview with Joeann Gutowski We visited with Joeann Gutowski in our Fort Collins office before she heads to our Bicycling Through the Best of Provence tour this fall to ask... Read More »

Travel Tips

How To Find Good Airfare

Finding the Best  Airfares for your Bicycle Tours The great news for travelers is that airfares to Europe are expected to continue their decline into spring so we thought it... Read More »

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