Destinations: Chile

Patagonia day 3: Crossing the Border: Cardenal Samore Pass

Day 3: Crossing to Chile was the longest and the hardest day of riding. It was also the day with the most bureaucracy because we left Argentina and entered Chile.... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Patagonia Day 2: Scenic Ride from Bariloche to Villa la...

Last night was officially the first day of the tour. After meeting M.E. and the tour leaders Javier and Tristan at the bike shop, Dirty Bikes for the bike fitting,... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Patagonia with ExperiencePlus!

I want to introduce myself – my name is Lindsay Brust. I am an ameteur (albeit enthusiastic) runner and biker living in Boulder, CO. I had the pleasure of getting to... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Bicycling Chile’s Wine Country (Plus! the Pacific Coast)

Recently mentioned in National Geographic, the Maule and Colchagua wine valleys of central Chile are a must-see for both adventurers and foodies—and what better way to make the trek than... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Chile: A New Destination with a Familiar Twist

In October 2009 I was fortunate enough to head south and help lead our inaugural bicycle tour through Chile’s wine country.  ExperiencePlus! is proud to be one of the first... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Patagonia – A Tour Leader’s …

As an Argentine-American who has spent life moving around the world since childhood, I am fortunate to say that I live in a truly marvelous part of the world. Bariloche,... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Bicycling Chile’s Wine Country

Over the years, Chile has built a reputation of development, production and exportation of fine wines.  Yet it is uncommon to hear about the fertile lands where these fine grapes... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

A Taste of Patagonia: Notes from a Biker’s Journal by...

A Taste of Patagonia:  Notes from a Biker’s Journal by Linda Hayek Linda completed the 2009 ExpeditionPlus! trip across Chile and Argentina — to read her bio click here. Friday,... Read More »

Destinations: Argentina,  Destinations: Chile

Argentina and Chile Slideshows

They say pictures are worth 1000 words . . .as you dream of sunny places this year imagine riding through the colorful mountains of Northern Argentina or the beautiful Andes... Read More »

Destinations: Argentina,  Destinations: Chile

ExpeditionPlus! in South America with Monica and Michele

Monica Malpezzi Price and Michele Boglioni recount their travels in South America. Michele and Monica were slated to help lead our inaugural ExpeditionPlus! Coast to Coast trip Across Chile and... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Cycling through Chile’s Wine Country

As a geographer I am fascinated with the spread of European culture and landscapes in the new world, especially the landscapes of wine. And as a specialist in Mediterranean geography I... Read More »

Destinations: Argentina,  Destinations: Chile

Discovering Argentina & Chile

Discovering Argentina & Chile by Bicycle Argentina and Chile cover a lot of ground, from the forbidding rocks of Cape Horn and Patagonia’s mountains, through the endless grasslands of the... Read More »

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Expeditions in Two Hemispheres

Bicycle Expeditions in Two Hemispheres To those of us with normal jobs, it might seem surprising that somebody who designs and sells bicycle tours for a living would have frustrated... Read More »

Destinations: Chile

Patagonia, With Gears to Spare!

Patagonia, With Gears to Spare! “It’s the freakin’ Andes, Jim!” Jim and I had been leap-frogging for the first part of the day—I’d stop to take photos and he’d pass... Read More »

Destinations: Argentina,  Destinations: Chile

Routes on the Open Road

Routes on the Open Road Dare Yourself to Ride Across South America The saying goes, “It’s the journey, not the destination.”  But who says it’s got the be one or the... Read More »

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