Cycling Copenhagen to Gothenburg

Cycle from Copenhagen to Gothenburg
  • Length 7 days
  • From USD$4250
  • Style/Level Classic 1.5
  • Countries Denmark
  • Begin/End Copenhagen/ Gothenburg
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A Northern European tour that takes you across borders cycling from one vibrant city to another, in regions renowned for their urban cycling culture. Our journey kicks off in Copenhagen, dubbed the “most livable city and bike capital of the world” and takes us from Denmark to Sweden. Enchanting forests and stunning coastlines will be your daily backdrop as you follow the Kattegattleden, Sweden’s first national bicycle route. From the vibrant city of Gothenburg Finish your tour in the vibrant city of Gothenburg, also known as “Stockholm’s little sister”.

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  • Copenhagen, Beautiful coastal riding, bike paths, breathtaking castles, Tylösand Beach, Gothenburg


Keep in mind

We work hard to maintain consistency across all of our tours, but some trips have unique differences. Here are some things to keep in mind about this tour.

We use charming and modern hotels but A/C or fans may not always be available since they haven’t been needed traditionally. Read more on the use of air conditioning in Europe here.

Sweden is entirely cashless. Read more here

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  • Total distance 292 km (181 miles)
  • Average daily distance 58 km (36 miles)
  • Tour style Classic
  • Tour level 1.5

Highlights: Copenhagen considered the “most livable city and bike capital of the world”

The Danes are known for their love of bicycling and Copenhagen is renowned for its cycling infrastructure that cities across the world are trying to emulate. With over 390 kilometers (241 miles) of designated bike lanes, it is truly a bicyclist’s heaven. The world also looks to Copenhagen for the latest innovations in design, architecture, fashion and visitor’s savor the extraordinary culinary revolution that has taken place here over the last decade. We’ll meet for a bike fitting and then enjoy a unique Danish dinner to celebrate our Scandinavian adventure.

The June 6 and departure is staying at Hotel Kong Arthur. The June 27 departure staying at Hotel Absalon.

Meals : Dinner
Lodging : Hotel Kong Arthur , Hotel Absalon

Highlights: Lousiana Art Museum, Kronborg Castle

Today you will join some of the most practiced bike commuters in the world as we cycle out of Copenhagen on some of Europe’s oldest city bike paths. We will bike up the coast past the Louisiana Art Museum on our way to Kronborg Castle which is most famously known for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Fall in love with the landscape today while cycling through enchanted forests and along prototypical Danish bike paths.

The June 6 departure is staying at Hotel Hamlet.

Meals : Breakfast
Lodging : Hotel Marienlyst , Hotel Hamlet

Highlights: Biking along the Kattegattleden Europe’s Cycle Route of the Year in 2018

The day starts with a short ferry ride from Denmark to Sweden. From the ferry we pedal along the coast on the famous Kattegattleden bike route which was named Europe’s Cycle Route of the year in 2018. We follow the coastline and weave in and out of country roads on our way to Bastad known for its quiet harbor and beautiful golf courses. From here we’ll shuttle to Varberg where we will spend two nights exploring the coast and this beautiful fortified town.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Varbergs Stadshotell & Asia Spa

Highlights: Explore Varberg’s Historic bathhouses and beaches

Our loop ride today takes us along parts of the Kattegattleden and into the interior. We’ll also take time to explore Varberg, with its beautiful castle and bustling downtown. Back in the early 1800s, the town was already a well known health resort to which people flocked to drink the waters, and water is still important to Varberg’s popularity today. There are a number of spa hot springs baths (old and new) beaches and lots of windsurfing off the coast. Don’t miss exploring the waterfront Bathhouse built in 1903 with its beautiful architecture.

Meals : Breakfast
Lodging : Varbergs Stadshotell & Asia Spa

Highlights: Kattegattleden Cycle Route, Coastal riding

Today’s ride has us back on the KDG where we pass beaches, tiny fishing villages, and gorgeous coastal views. Our destination is Saro, another historic vacation spot that became popular with the elite from Gothenburg in the early 20th century.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Sarohus Hotel and Spa

Highlights: Biking along the Kattegattleden into Gothenburg

Today’s ride continues along the Kattegattleden bike path with views off the beautiful North Sea coastline as we pedal into the vibrant city of Gothenburg. You will follow bike paths right into the center of the city.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Lodging : Clarion Hotel Post

Highlights: Guided city tour

We’ll say good-bye after our guided tour of Gothenburg this morning. Hopefully you are off to explore more of Scandinavia! Whatever you decide, have a wonderful journey.

Meals : Breakfast

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  • Gorgeous! Safe! Fun! Tour guide do an excellent job! We very much Like and Appreciate the chalk arrows! Joyful trip!

    Pamela S., Santa Fe, NM – June 2022
  • Easy riding, very scenic, great food and very relaxing. It was truly carefree- the guides did everything for us, all we had to do was pedal our bikes.

    Patricia M., Auburndale, MA – June 2022