Why Choose Experience Plus?

Of all the bicycle tour companies…

Why Choose ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours?

It's difficult to know which bike tour operators deliver a unique, unforgettable bicycle tours. ExperiencePlus! offers trips unlike any other. Take a peak at the video below to see what our riders have to say about traveling with ExperiencePlus! If the short video peaks your interest, please do keep reading to see what we do to set ourselves apart from other bike touring companies out there.

We offer a history of passionate commitment to traveling by bike, have a deep knowledge of the cultural geography, and select tour leaders that are citizens of the world. The bond we build with those who travel with us springs from a unique combination of respect and attentiveness.

8 reasons our travelers think our bicycling vacations are the best:

Discover Yourself...

ExperiencePlus! tours stir the imagination and push the bounds of what we know. When you’re on a bicycle, the scenes seem to unfold in front of you as if they were in High Definition.  Impressions of landscapes are palpable. Chats with the locals are enduring. You don't ride as a group, so you don't have to worry about "keeping up" or waiting for those who are slower.

Intrinsic Value

Prices are at the mid-point of global bicycle tours. ExperiencePlus! offers options for shorter 7 or 8 day itineraries or Plus! versions that allow you to extend the ride 3 or 4 days. Fun filled days and nights – and more of them. There are options for every skill level - recreational bikers as well as cycling enthusiasts.  ExperiencePlus! has been cycling the world since 1972 and has plenty of practice finding the best routes, wonderful staff, the perfect local hotels, culinary, and cultural experiences.               

Great Cycling Routes

Every tour is thoughtfully designed by people who are intimately familiar with the region.  Routes sidetrack into small towns and lead you to places of cultural and historical interest.  You'll ride on quiet, winding roads that locals use – for a more enjoyable ride and an authentic view of the cultural landscape.  

Over the course of your bike tour, you'll actually be traveling by bicycle - making your way from small village to small village.  Many tours include one or more two-night stays, which gives you a chance to rest your legs and explore on your own. On the other hand, if you’re looking for extra mileage, you can find it on almost every bike tour. This allows long-distance cyclists to travel happily with their more laid-back companions.             

… And Chalk Arrows Point the Way

Your personal horizons expand with each white chalk arrow you pass. Whether it leads to an exquisite view or hidden bakery just beyond the next village or ensures you meet with the group at the correct rest stop, the arrows are your personal navigation tools. Use them to cycle ahead, keep up, or just go at your pace. The arrows put your adventure under your control. 

Superb Tour Leaders

Tour leaders are bilingual, bi-cultural experts and avid cyclists.  Are you wondering how to order espresso?   How to strike up a conversation with a shop owner?  How to shift gears to make the hills easier?  With a little help from ExperiencePlus! tour leaders, you’ll be prepared to navigate confidently on and off the road.               


Having been in business for over 4 decades, everyone involved with  ExperiencePlus! operations exudes respect for their travelers. 

Cyclists Bill of Rights that clearly states what you deserve on every cycling tour. You'll be treated with attentiveness and courtesy, every day, every bike tour. Check it out, it’s a handy reference when making the final decision about your tour company.

Ah, the Cuisine and the Accommodations!

Whether you’re about to sample a local brie and Bordeaux in St. Emilion or a seafood risotto in Venice, every meal on tour is a personal introduction to your host country.  Endless opportunity to taste and experiment – and to laugh with new friends by your side.  Restaurants and cafés are selected for their authenticity, charm, and great food.

Standards are similar for the hotels on tour.  The priority is comfortable, three or four-star hotels in the historic center of town rather than isolated luxury chains where your only local contact is the bartender.

Fantastic Travel Companions

ExperiencePlus! draws some of the most interesting travelers you'll meet anywhere. A wonderful mix of frequent travelers and those taking their first trip overseas. Regardless everyone loves the out-of -doors, the opportunity to explore a new place by bicycle while enjoying great food and fun. You'll meet people you'll want to travel with time and time again.


Unfortunately ExperiencePlus! can't be everywhere but the TourzPlus! Program tries to help.

The people who ride with ExperiencePlus! may be the most curious, fun-loving folks you’ll ever meet. They’re explorers at heart, and occasionally their desire to see what’s just over the next hill takes them to places where we don’t operate tours of our own. That’s why we started our TourzPlus! program.

We’ve partnered with a small number of tour operators around the world who provide tours that meet our quality standards—a pretty tough benchmark! You will find some differences between their tours and ExperiencePlus! tours. 

For instance there won't be chalk marks to lead the way. Instead you will follow route maps and written directions, or, in some cases, you may ride as a group. Some itineraries will require transfers in a support vehicle. Hotels will be top quality but they may not be located in the center of town.

The TourzPlus!  tours are listed among ours, so they’re easy to find. You can book them through us - just as you’d book one of our own. 

Here’s the best part. If you book your TourzPlus! trip through ExperiencePlus!, you earn a full Recycle Credit toward any of our tours.  Read more about our Recycle Credit program.

Though there are differences, we believe you will be very pleased with our partner’s trips. Give us a call at 1-800-685-4565 or send us an email to find out more about the specifics of the trip you are considering.

Terms and Conditions for these tours vary by operator.

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