Our Style of Travel

Global Cycling With Local Character

All credible tour operators offer the basics – planned routes, tour leaders, and good food and accommodation. But our name says it all: ExperiencePlus! We provide an experience that is at once a celebration of cycling and of world culture. 

  • Our routes are planned by locals and also in part by our father, Rick Price, a Ph.D. in cultural geography. Their combined intimate knowledge, experienced judgment, and meticulous planning ensure you have a satisfying route at whatever level you ride.
  • Over half a century of experience planning unique bicycle tours of all types and terrains, continually checking the routes, seeking new vistas and tucked away treasures….
  • Our most experienced tour leaders have undergone certification in interpretative guiding by the National Association for Interpretation. And because we retain guides with deep local knowledge, your trip is guaranteed to be rich in extraordinary, authentic experiences.
  • Our unique navigation system of arrows allow you to take your time, not feel pressured to ride with the group and stop and smell the roses, taste the gelato and enjoy a cafe con leche at your own pace. We call it guided independence.

Variety ensures there’s a tour for you

Unless you’re looking for a unicycle trip around Tibet, we’ve probably got just what you’re looking for!

With the right tour components in place, we then spend a lot of time to make sure there’s a trip for every sort of traveler. And to make sure this all comes together, our tour guides get you in synch as a group and then enable you to set the pace. 

With our unique chalk arrows keeping you on track, the tour’s rhythm and yours meld together… without anyone shepherding you along. (Unless you prefer the help of our experienced tour leaders).

Shel Silverstein’s Poem “Where the Sidewalk Ends” has found a special place in our hearts for its description of the youthful glee that awaits when a sidewalk ends, and real discovery begins. 

Shel’s subjects come to rely on chalk arrows just as you will. He writes:  “And we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go.” We find delight in the parallel to our own chalk arrows as they also always point to the next right place to be. 

© Shel Silverstein 1974

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