Bikes & accessories

A quality bike and proper fit can make or break a bicycle tour.

We take great pride in providing a diverse fleet of bikes that can be specifically fitted to each cyclist’s unique build. Our European bike fleet is housed at our Italy headquarters, where our expert mechanics tune every bike after each tour. Our South American fleet is similarly maintained; each bike is thoroughly tuned and inspected before heading out on tour.

European bike fleet

  • Road Bike

    Made by Nevi, an Italian manufacturer, or Van Nicholas, a Dutch company, both of whom specialize in custom made titanium bikes, these bikes are built for cycle touring, not racing. This means that the longer head tube and fork column, and the slightly shallower head tube angle, will have you sitting pretty for a full day in the saddle yet able to take advantage of all that titanium provides a road bike – stiff, light and nimble.

  • Hybrid/Flat Bar Road Bike

    Our titanium hybrid bikes are lightweight and optimized for road usage so are essentially a road bike with a flat handle bar. These custom made bikes come in both a standard and mixte (step-through) frame and are a great choice if you prefer low gears (like a mountain bike), a more upright riding position, and easier to reach brake levers. To ensure customized comfort and avoid numb hands or tired forearms while cycling our Hybrid bikes are equipped with Ergon GP touring grips.

  • Mixte Step Through Hybrid

    Sometimes called “women’s bikes” these bikes offer the same componentry as our flat bar road bikes and a step-through frame for shorter people or for those who don’t want to swing their leg over a standard frame’s top tube. To ensure customized comfort and avoid numb hands or tired forearms while cycling our Hybrid bikes are equipped with Ergon GP touring grips. We’ve mounted another water bottle cage on the handlebar headset so that you can easily access your bottle while riding.

    **This bike only has one water bottle holder. 

  • Hardtail Mountain Bike – for Explorer Tours in Europe

    Available on our Explorer tours, these bikes help you explore deeper, longer and in comfort! They are equipped with an under seat bike packing bag for your daily gear and adjustable stems to help make a great fit. These versatile 29” cross country style bikes are a great, light ride and with the front shock it is perfect for gravel riding.

  • Co-Motion and Cannondale Tandems

    We have a few steel Co-Motion and aluminum Cannondale road-style tandems available in Europe. Both models come with powerful disk brakes and 30-speed drive-train. Be sure to book early to lock in your tandem.

    We occasionally receive requests for a “regular” bike in addition to the tandem. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to supply two bikes to one person.

  • E-Hybrid Bikes

    Our E-bikes feature state of the art technology and are a fantastic option for bicycle travelers who need a little boost. Although you still have to pedal, the E-bike drive augments your efforts.

    Interested in an E-Bike for your tour? Click here.

  • E-Road Bikes – Limited Availability

    Officially an e-gravel bike but we call it a touring road bike with a push! You’ll appreciate the relaxed geometry. This bike is ideal if you like the feel and handling of a road bike and you need a boost when ascending: the rear hub motor paired with the internal 250wh battery will offer a boost and if managed properly can go up to 75-80kms.

    We cannot guarantee all requests, and are offering these bikes (or similar) on a first come, first serve basis. Once we receive your request, we will check availability and confirm with you via email. We are only able to accommodate people who are between 5 feet 4 inches (164 cm) and 6 feet 5 inches (197 cm) tall.

South American bike fleet

  • Gravel Style Hybrid or Road Bike In Argentina and Chile

    We will provide rear racks for bikes and please note we will use the same bike frame but can accommodate drop or flat handle bars.

  • E-Bikes in Argentina and Chile

    This versatile aluminum hardtail ride is the perfect e-bike for those who want an extra boost on trips in Chile and Argentina. Built to balance great handling, efficiency and speed, this bike feels good on pavement and on short detours featuring dirt roads. The 630wh battery offers a range up to 115 miles when mindfully managed. Plus, the Sram Eagle drive train has low gearing so you have the support and the gears you need to tackle anything.

    Interested in an E-Bike for your tour? Click here.

Bike accessories

Your bike comes equipped with:

  • Saddle (We offer a variety of gender-specific styles to choose from.)

  • Rear rack & rear pack (appox. 11″ x 6″ x 7″ and expandable) with: pump, patch kit, spare tire

  • Cable lock

  • Cyclometer

  • Rear light (on European tours)

  • Bell

  • Water bottle cage (all bikes have two cages except the women’s mixte frame) and one optional water bottle. The bottle is for you to keep and take home.

  • Pedal Options

    • Bring your own (please bring your own if you have clipless pedals and shoes)

    • Flat pedals (click to view picture)

    • Flat with half cage (click to view picture)

Exploring the Lakes District of Italy on this guided bike tour.

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